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  1. i guess that's possible.. his level of paranoia and aggression is about there, and maybe he was a lot bigger before.. i mean, if he had been getting spun up for too long, i guess he would never open the store, and just peek out through the blinds all day...
  2. he's too fat to be a tweaker
  3. water damage caused the ink to blur and fade, ruining the book, but, it's still paper..
  4. Interesting thing.. first off, I love this mod, it's great.. 10/10 will play to the end.. so, i went to Eve's 3rd quest at the bunker, and climbed down there to recon before doing the quest, chilled all the idiots down there, and looted everything, including body bags (found out later about the body bags).. checked the time, and had to hustle back to base because it was horde night, and didn't have time to do it again.. I don't always double loot poi's, just wanted the recon so I didn't fail the quest for reasons.. Anyway.. after the horde, i went ba
  5. I agree.. Chain.. Swing for the fences, and pop that melon.. when they fall down, work the legs a little.. the stun is great
  6. my directions are from DF v.3.3A, assuming starting in the forest biome, and going from there..
  7. go east, if you find desert, there it is.. if you find snow, go north and east a bit..
  8. Trader Rekt was the super moderator of a pretty popular games web forum, before...
  9. i still throw that second one on the leg as soon as i find it anyway...
  10. don't believe so.. description says no, anway
  11. no, no.. when the radiation turned the people to zombies, it also turned the water to gelatin...
  12. I put them all in a giant pit and swim..
  13. in single player maps you can F1>DM> talk to trader>restock inventory
  14. But, do keep in mind that it only works effectively with the party girl Z.. the others just won't take enough to make it worthwhile, with the exception of Opie, the biker.. he holds TONs of liquor, but good luck getting it back..
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