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  1. coming next in this progression... Trader: I need you to find this chest. Here's the chest, now give it back to me for rewards.
  2. yep.. same thing with the MAIL building in Departure... guess ya just have to bust em out and replace em.
  3. The last couple of months or so, i have been playing a"countdown" type of game.. The first 7 days is a scramble, looting everything, doing quests, day and night, to get the best weapons and ammo i can find in that first week, and getting a base started... Day 7 - Horde... when the music chimes in 0400 on the 8th, and the horde is done, reduce horde frequency to 6 days. The next six days is mostly gathering mats for upgrading and expanding the base, some questing, and getting an ammo pipeline rolling.. Day 13 - Horde... at 0400, reduce frequency to 5 days. So on, repairing and upgrading, and feeding the ammo pipeline until the horde comes every night (4-3-2-1) Horde every night starts on day 28 doing it this way.. and no need to be bored for a week, wondering what to do...
  4. Google drive, one drive, dropbox, github, and pastebin are a few that i have seen used.. anything that lets you upload and link to the file
  5. Love it! This will definitely be going into my prefabs list
  6. oo.. missed opportunity for the Screamer to do the job she was created to do...
  7. i would add, even, some may "stuff" chests, also... further skewing your perception of their results..
  8. did you try 6? if the first five didn't work, surely the sixth will.. or maybe kill that damn dog that is adding the continual bleed.. hey.. when did i move to the bugs department? that was some pretty good shine...
  9. 100% loot really is not a problem.. ya use the stone axe, stone sledge, wood club, whatever, for a minute while it suits ya.. repair a couple times.. meh.. perk up in looter early, the rest is moot.. 50% loot or less (25 even).. it becomes a bit of a chore.. leaving you with stone axe, stone sledge, wood club for so much longer... durability becomes a thing to be concerned about, and using iron replacements becomes a question of: do i really need to..
  10. Little Bitty Ditty ...jking....Litta Bitta Dancing...🏌️‍♂️🕺
  11. just flatten a mountain.. no need to get lost
  12. NitroGen there ya go..
  13. It's pretty useful very early game, but i tend to scrap it when i find a decent supply of repair kits, and i don't need to be upgrading frames on the fly.. as for breaking through doors and into crates, i find the sledge to be quite adept.. and since i'm already using the sledge to bash in Zed heads, that works out pretty well..
  14. a couple of shekels to toss into this fountain for some homeless person to come by and fish out later.. When a new version, Alpha, comes out, I will play vanilla for a while... to see how it plays, and get an idea for what i like, and what i don't, then I start to play around with modifying things.. It's just one (of many) great things about this game, if you want to.. you can. If not.. don't.
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