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  1. no, no.. when the radiation turned the people to zombies, it also turned the water to gelatin...
  2. I put them all in a giant pit and swim..
  3. in single player maps you can F1>DM> talk to trader>restock inventory
  4. But, do keep in mind that it only works effectively with the party girl Z.. the others just won't take enough to make it worthwhile, with the exception of Opie, the biker.. he holds TONs of liquor, but good luck getting it back..
  5. while i am sure there is a good reason that it is not a thing, i have also thought these same things myself.. usually when i'm trying to put something on top of, or next to, a half block..
  6. hey.. look!... Joe brought back the plains biome! lol
  7. drinks in one, meat and cooked food in another, cans in that one, seeds over there...
  8. red dot and silencer... oh, wait.. those weren't the choices.. nm
  9. Level 4 (LockPickingLawyer)= You now have use of a special tool that You and BosnianBill created, all locks open within seconds, and usually on the first try..
  10. people who drink the beer before it's finished fermenting are often unsatisfied.
  11. i know i'm here late, but, hey.. check my name.. vultures are the devil, and the devil is gonna getcha unless you get the devil out of your way... i don't care what tfp does with them @%$*#! birds, every time, i will find my way into the files, now, some may say that that will go away, where did i heard that? beats me, don't care.. was saying something... meh.. what is this, a @%$*#!ing walk-through? hellen keller them flappy @%$*#!ers... C:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\7 Days To Die\Data\Config <EntityClasses> <!
  12. adjust and adapt.. it's easy to do, just play along.. you always seem to have some problem with some thing or other.. try slowing down when you are stealthing.. come here, @%$*#! about everything..
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