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Nests and snakes


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If you have a healthy respect for real snakes, the appearance of a specimen in the game can make your blood run cold. At some point, however, one gets used to it and hardly perceives the little animals as a serious threat.


Here's an idea how to change that. Oh, let me get this straight: I myself would hate my proposed amendment - but that doesn't necessarily mean anything. If the Fun Pimps want to torture us - and I'm sure they do - then maybe they could like the proposal.


Plundering nests for feathers and eggs is quite easy and an activity that you do just by the way when hiking. It is not a real job. Now I thought to myself - "Hey, if you play the fantasy game, the nests look a bit like rolled-up snakes." Well, that's when it hit me. There are even natural models. Some species of Bitis can lie there for weeks, motionless, rolled up and waiting for victims. I could imagine that very well for our 7Days snakes. They lie there and look deceptively real as small bird nests. Shortly before you grab the feathers and eggs, you realize that this time it was not a defenseless nest and the cold river of snake venom flows through your veins.


Oh I would hate it so much...


So maybe you like the idea, maybe not. In any case, I beg your indulgence. My knowledge of English is very modest and I have a hard time with languages in general. So if you need an answer from me, it might take some time.
Hopefully you could understand me anyway. If something is unclear, I will try to explain it again in a more understandable way.


BTW: Fun Pimps - I must congratulate you. No, I really want to congratulate. After almost 2,500 hours of playing time, I officially declare 7Days my all-time favourite game. It leaves real giants like Civilization and Grand Theft Auto far behind. Well done! And the game is not even finished yet. But don't rest on your laurels. Make it even better! Go! 😜

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Well said JimPanja & good idea. This would no doubt be a pain in the azz but more challenging too. 

They could even put in nests of snakes that would need burnt down/destroyed.....could be another trader quest?!

Kinda like a Days Gone kinda vibe. 

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Thank you @Outlaw_187 snake nests and trader quests would really be a good addition here.


@iejen I understand your point of view. Nests should really (additionally) be available on trees. But ground nests are not rare in nature. My point is just that plundering these nests should not be a "nobrainer". You should at least have a closer look to check if it is really just a nest.

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