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  1. Hm, I would definitely call myself a "long time player". I have more than 2,500 hours of playing time on the clock. Why shouldn't I be able to live near the trader? Actually, I'm even annoyed that I don't have the possibility to move in there directly to live in this base. Why should this not be possible? In my eyes it destroys the immersion. The silly trader protection shield is also unnecessary. Yes, I understand why it was introduced - but in my eyes there are far more elegant solutions for it. Simplest possibility - if a trader dies, a short time later a new one will simply spawn somewhere else. It could be that simple and I would love it!
  2. I think it's great that the traders are now located in the cities. Now I have built my base right in front of a trader. I would enjoy that very much if there wasn't a particular problem: I play with headphones. Oh boy, I've never paid so much attention to the time before and now I take cover every time the trader opens or closes. My ears are bleeding! Please please please change that horrible sound. There's no need for that. Seriously - it really hurts and I don't think it should be like this. Surely there are better ways to draw attention to the opening and closing. You don't have to sound half the city for that. Besides, it doesn't make sense. Why would the merchant in the apocalypse purposely make such a nasty sound? That would draw in all the zombies in the area and eat the customers. Please change that.
  3. Thanks a lot @FileMachete! You're right on target. A FIFO -> LIFO switch (I even edited the title 😉) would be really cool.
  4. That's not my point at all. I'll try to be a little more specific about what I meant: Let's say that I have five slots in my backpack that I always keep firmly filled. It does not matter if with or without mod. At least one of these slots is reserved for ammunition of my current ranged weapon. So far so good. Now Hordenight begins. I was well prepared and had put additional ammunition in my backpack. What happens now? Of course the ammunition in the front slots will be used up first. This creates "gaps" in the backpack very quickly. My fixed ammunition slot is then empty. If I now take a few drops in between, this slot is occupied randomly. It can happen that after a horde night I clean out the loot of the night and overlook the fact that my fixed ammo slot is now wrongly occupied. If the ammunition would be used up first from the rear slots, this would not be a problem anymore. First World Problem - I know! I'd still consider it a useful improvement if you could at least somehow can have control about it.
  5. That simple?! Oh man! Thank you so much @Last-I 👍
  6. What is the keyboard-shortcut to sell a whole stack at the trader? I can't find out. There has to be a shortcut, right?
  7. Is it possible to make an adjustment to reverse the consumption of all types of ammunition from the backpack? I mean it this way: Instead of taking the first stack of ammo during reload, it would be great if the last stack is used instead. This would make sorting easier and even give added value to various inventory mods.
  8. Thank you @Outlaw_187 snake nests and trader quests would really be a good addition here. @iejen I understand your point of view. Nests should really (additionally) be available on trees. But ground nests are not rare in nature. My point is just that plundering these nests should not be a "nobrainer". You should at least have a closer look to check if it is really just a nest.
  9. If you have a healthy respect for real snakes, the appearance of a specimen in the game can make your blood run cold. At some point, however, one gets used to it and hardly perceives the little animals as a serious threat. Here's an idea how to change that. Oh, let me get this straight: I myself would hate my proposed amendment - but that doesn't necessarily mean anything. If the Fun Pimps want to torture us - and I'm sure they do - then maybe they could like the proposal. Plundering nests for feathers and eggs is quite easy and an activity that you do just by the way when hiking. It is not a real job. Now I thought to myself - "Hey, if you play the fantasy game, the nests look a bit like rolled-up snakes." Well, that's when it hit me. There are even natural models. Some species of Bitis can lie there for weeks, motionless, rolled up and waiting for victims. I could imagine that very well for our 7Days snakes. They lie there and look deceptively real as small bird nests. Shortly before you grab the feathers and eggs, you realize that this time it was not a defenseless nest and the cold river of snake venom flows through your veins. Oh I would hate it so much... So maybe you like the idea, maybe not. In any case, I beg your indulgence. My knowledge of English is very modest and I have a hard time with languages in general. So if you need an answer from me, it might take some time. Hopefully you could understand me anyway. If something is unclear, I will try to explain it again in a more understandable way. BTW: Fun Pimps - I must congratulate you. No, I really want to congratulate. After almost 2,500 hours of playing time, I officially declare 7Days my all-time favourite game. It leaves real giants like Civilization and Grand Theft Auto far behind. Well done! And the game is not even finished yet. But don't rest on your laurels. Make it even better! Go! 😜
  10. Let's do that with the Open World. I think there was a misunderstanding right from the start and since my English is not the best, it's also hard to unravel. It's not really important either. Just because no one has done it well, it does not mean that it's impossible to present a game that is basically fun for everyone. I think that is quite possible! The key is to make it possible to adapt the game completely to your own needs. I'm running out of time right now - but basically, I've said everything and maybe it's better to let it rest and think instead of stiffening. @ Tin I totally agree! My suggestions also related to the (eventually) finished game. Until then there is still a long way to go. @ meganoth Yeah sure, I'm not against an implementation. Everyone seems to misunderstand this. I am open to all possible options. As long as I can turn it off that fits;)
  11. I know what "open world" means. Besides that, basically, it's all about reducing restrictions and focusing more on making the game interesting for a larger group. Of course, TFP will determine what we will encounter in the game. They do that very well. However, one should consider that people simply feel certain game mechanics as "wrong" and do not want them in their game world. So it would only be "right" if they could directly change such things in the options. What is it all about? It's a game! We gamble games to create and enjoy a parallel reality at short notice. So why should not we be able to turn off the mechanics that keep us from enjoying? One likes it hard - the other one does not. One wants it more realistically - the other one can make friends with utter insanity. Nowadays game developers should try to leave all possibilities open to the user. If you are against it, you have to live with the fact that a not incurable part of the potential users loses interest. @ The Gronk There is nothing wrong about that. But that's not how an ordinary player roll. It is a game! I want to play the game to relax, to scare, to shiver... whatever! I don't want to code. And thats not only me. The most players out there don't giving a rats ass to the code. They want to play and relax and scare....
  12. I am also in favor of increasing the possibilities / content. But for me it is also part of it that I am left open whether I want to allow certain game mechanics in MY game world or not. Why should the developers insist on telling me how to play the game? An OPEN WORLD should be a big playground and not a strictly linear game. And no - as an ordinary player you do not want to deal with code or ask modders if they are coding a certain thing for you. It would not hurt anyone if the options were simply inherent in the game.
  13. @ The Gronk To edit xml files is not how an usual player roll. We want to check the settings and turn unliked things simply off. That's all.
  14. I also think it's a shame that the Fun Pimps are more inclined to limit their game in the way we play it, rather than leaving the possibilities more open. On the other hand, I understand the intention behind it. It would be great if you could make 7DTD by extensive settings to the game that you want. You do not like a certain game mechanic? Then turn it off! THAT would be wonderful. From "Minecraft like" to "Dark Souls Illness" everybody would get their money's worth and the discussions here would be far more constructive. Well, it's just my modest opinion - but who would listen to a monkey ?!
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