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Entitygroups XML questions

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Does the invisibleAnimal property work with the other values within a group?


Meaning, is InvisibleAnimal part of a value that should add up to 100 within an entitygroup?  Or does it work independently?


Based on the code below:


Spawn wildgame > whatever wildgame spawns has a 50% chance to spawn invisible.  Is that an accurate analysis?


Also, I notice that wolves are included in the WildGameForest group and EnemyAnimalsForest group.  Does this mean they should spawn docile during the day?

<entitygroup name="WildGameForest">
	<entity name="invisibleAnimal" prob="50"/>
	<entity name="animalRabbit" prob="48"/>
	<entity name="animalChicken" prob="48"/>
	<entity name="animalBoar" prob="1"/>
	<entity name="animalStag" prob="1"/>
	<entity name="animalDoe" prob="1"/>
	<entity name="animalWolf" prob="1"/>


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Think of "invisibleAnimals" simply as ordinary entities (which are not spawned) - they are created only as a dummy to dilute the spawn.


I don't know how it works in general - the random is now completely ruined.


Percent probability refers to an individual. That is, theoretically, you can get exactly the same results by changing all the values in the group to an equal number at the same time.

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19 minutes ago, Winsyrstrife said:

Understood, that certainly clarifies a few things.  Thanks everyone, for the information!


Anyone have an opinion on the wolf in WildGame group?  I thought there were supposed to be no aggressive animals during the day.


Hi Winsyrstrife

There's a chance the wolves will come out in the day now (the direwolfs I guess not), I guess Stallionsden added them for a little more challenge.

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