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Wrench Bob Zombie - Concept Art + Concept


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Heyo everyone! This is a more recent drawing that i've made, so I decided to also share it with you.




So, as we all know, all of the 7 days to die zombies are unique, even though most of them are weak zombie minions, all of them have different aspects and even specific names.

I though, since we have nurses, bikers, strippers, construction workers (and other "specific" zombies), why not a thug mechanic? Ya know, those wannabee chads that end up having to work with their dad or something since they can't get a job. 


It's another zombie with a distinct aspect and "visual backstory" to add to the roster that we already have.


Say hello to Wrench Bob Zombie aka Billy Bob R*mjob




Backstory: This guy used to do heroin and work as a mechanic until he turned. He died in shock defending himself with a ratchet, which cause his already jittery nature to lock his nerves to hold the ratchet forever. 


Visual details for gameplay: Tall guy (similar to zombie Boe), holds the ratchet with his right hand while his left arm seems incapacitated and severely f*cked up because of all the needles that went in there.


Behavior: Hits with his right hand and tries to bite, that's it, he's another average zombie joe that has a different looks and animations.


Spawns: Anything that has to do with cars, gas stations, garages, whatever.



Stats: I won't write them in detail, because this IS NOT a special infected. 

- He has roughly the same hp as a zombie Boe

- Hits hard with the ratchet

- Biting is rare and deals medium damage

- Same speed as zombie Boe.



Once again, like my last post, feel free to write down some feedback!







Zombie concept 01.jpg

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