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Early to Mid game Horde Base design


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Have seen similar builds to this but not exactly the same so hopefully this isn't copying someone that i am unaware of.


It is reasonably labour intensive for the 1st 7 days but very manageable (especially if you find the claw hammer early) and should be quite easy to make small adjustments and last till at least day 28 (or basically when multiple cops start to show up)


The main build is a 7 x 11 cube with a central walkway in the middle. This walkway has hatches on the floor and concrete pillars over head which stop the zombies from building up too much or jumping over the hatches. Behind the hatches is a iron door and a ladder to the roof. If the zombies break down the 1st hatch then you can escape to the roof and shoot them through the bars. 


The outside of the cube has a row of Barbed wire to slow the zombies down. The top of the cube has 2 rows of bars around and additional couple of bars to allow for throwing molotov's towards the entrance hatch for when they build up.


Fighting starts on the roof above the 1st hatch and splits between their and behind the 1st hatch (depending on build up). It requires a little maintenance of the hatch but as long as they are fairly well upgraded before the start then it shouldn't be any issue. 


For mid game onward their will be a secondary wall built across from the 1st hatch which will have electric fences and/or dart traps and a turret on the roof.


Never tried my own design before so would be interested to hear thoughts.


Happy Killing!







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6 hours ago, Steve201188 said:

Should see how it holds up on the day 14 horde tomorrow but i don't see many issues. Biggest worry is that they stop pathing to the hatches if they are upgraded to vault doors.

Upgrade the walls first. As long as the hatches are the easiest way to get to you they should path through them.

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