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the CRY WOMAN that get her friend ISNT no more in a19 ?


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when this topic just existist pls move it


the cry woman , when she cries and the zombiefriends come...is no more in a19 ??? im now day 33... no crywoman

she was like the imaginery girldfriend that i never had XD... i love her.....when she cries = panik

i not seen or hear it yet....can someone say me why?


and NO WANDER HORDE in a19??

33days...and only yesterday 3 zombies on the green at one time...

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I have to admit, 66+ days now into A19... level 50 with 2 deaths and over 1560 kills - 54 hours lived straight (Darn those invisible crawlers got me earlier *pout*) and I've not seen one screamer, or as I shall now call her *cry woman* cause that is an awesome nickname. Difficulty is at default so.. 2 if I remember right. I've been gone awhile and stepped away from 7d2d ages ago when blade traps and glowing rad zeds were a new thing. But clearly, the expectations related to what call her out have been shifted dramatically I am sure. Anyone got some simple clarity on the topic?

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