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  1. wtf u do with the game?? update 19.1 -server / home game crashes after 5min -all keyboard setting resetted -DISTANCE VIEW -50% ...now after 50blocks away the grafix loads??? hello??????? in before a190 it was like 500 blocks away grafix WTF ??????????? have u nothing better do , then to destroy the game?? we dont talk about the silnet turrent, the 2 loud weapons, the distance view cutting at a190 from 30%, and the horrible earth driller / chainsaw sounds WHAT U DO????? have all the programmer bad days??? -sorry im little angry..u know im a calm person...but ...ey!!! REALLY...this blow my mind- EDIT: after getting back to 19 180...the map was killed on the server...^^ EDIT2: all maps on home pc was killed 2
  2. and how i fix this? iv deleted all previous maps iv validated my files iv created a second new world SAME here my settings
  3. iv created a world with the new combopack and nitrogen copyied all files in 7days directory BUT ...NO TRADERs on the preview map, theres are traders marked but in game, the place is free, where the traders shoud be...has someone an idea? thx a lot
  4. what??? really??? i dont believe it....they cant make such a terrible sounding tool....PRODUCERS..i want to hear it from u... dont joke on me....its real?? such a....omg..NO..i dont belive it..i must hear it from the masterchiefs u cant tune a game to perfection with grafix and others...and then make on an ESSENTIAL tools that i MUST USE such a .....
  5. why u dont have changed the sound from the chainsaw and the earth driller? (b163/b177) i mean the "normal sound" from the machines..a chainsaw shoud be sound like a chainsaw and a earth driller7anger shoud sound like a driller now the driller makes ding ding ding in ervey block step counter and the chainsaw sound like i cut plastik things why uv changed this sounds??? its a bug or a feature??? can u pls explaine it to my brain in short words why this must sound now so terrible? that woud me make happy..thx a lot ps:the refuel sound is very nice detail..i love it iv an extra question > why u make the distance sound from the turret from 100% sound in 4meter away to 25%....when im on the zombiebase i dont hear when its empty...50% woud be ok..but now it isnt loud enough to hear it. in 4meters
  6. iv played apha 18 1345hours iv buyed a 600euro grafik card for playing this SUPERB game in ULTRA PLUS grafix....i enjoyed the best game ever BUT alpha 19.... iv played 13 days now....its annoying (before alpha 18,4 was sex for the eyes..now its a little other..18,4 had more feeling) i feel in the moment its like a game from ubisoft or ea...its full of colours..but the flair is other..hmm iv hab made long time ago a video were i change areas withthe motorbike..perhaps u wana see look when i drive tru the different areas, how cool it was with the feelings GREAT THINGS >new zombies design (ok the old was cool 2) >the new light grafix IN THE HOUSE super great BUT sometimes it changes 2 hard when i walk in the house without lightning its unrealistic..when tehres a light or a lamp its fantastic >the new fog is super !!!!!!..pls make a sandstorm 2 (in snow arer the snow its now like bricks...at some moments..pls change something) NOW the BAD THINGS... 1.the colours are tooo heavy,,its like a candy crush colour game....in destroyed area..the red is so hardcore red (iv samsung chd 90 ultrawide) 3840*1080 no game has ever had so hard colour so candy colours...pls make it darker or more ffeling..perhaps kontrast -10? 2.WHY the hell have u changed the sky???? in the desert its cloudy and its rainy all the time...hello????? before it was the feeling "live in the desert"...now its feeling "walmarkt parking arae"..the desert is now very colourful and boring..i dont wanna stay there 3.the destroyed area needs a little more feeling (the fading between areas isnt so col like 18,4) 4.the red sky in the night between 1-4o clock is bad bad bad...it look like from year 2000 5. why at 3,57 night begin the brightness, and the not at 4 oclock AFTER the piano sound??? 6. why u put the desert gras in the green areas??? (its overcoloured, and its not for the green area) 7.where is the zombie cry woman thats says all the friends to come?? it doenst appear 8.the colour from woodframe is 2 dark...when i make the wood frame with wood at second level..the wood grafik is horrible..before it was perfect 9.why is the hammerturret so big??? its 25% to big..why is the spoiler on the left side at the thing? make it gone..and and and..iv used this thing..what shoud it do?? a massage for zombies , ?? its not useful to put it in front of a door..why? 10.the hammer (i dont know the name) that i need for crafting the bench...the grafix is horrible...before it looked better (the minipicture) 11.why u designed ALL toilets new, but not eh toilet in the bathrooms thats stands on the ground? 12.the traders are specilized now?? in what? the have all the same ..only the prices are other 13,the bike when i go off, rolls 2meter alone... uv changes something in the gameplay that i not addicted so hard like in alpha 18,4...hmmm..what was it? i play now 14days...have all the things that i need...motorbike, chemical station and the other things...and now??? whats the reason to play...to wait for the next night? in alpha 18,4 iv builded, and so many things...here a build nothing...its not kicking me , when i build somethting..uv changed something at the feeling of the game..but what...?!? the new sound in the background is nice...only the part where the piano changes the beat its a little confusing
  7. yes on ultra plus it takes all the vram (on18,4)....i hope the 19 will be a little better...... im waiting to dl it :DDD
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