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Stephen King Themed Server


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Hello, Im looking for fellow Stephen King hardcore fans, who would love/want to join me in restarting/building a full blown King universe build. I will provide dedicated server. We can discuss further server setups. But I truly want to do this. I am looking for a cooperative group. Server donations is not needed as I will provide server under Blue Fang.



Intermediate or Experienced Builders

Stephen King Fans

Discord access



*Anything built on server stays on server. Prefabs will not be shared or moved. Server can/will be streamed,, as well pictures will be taken*


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Pictures and videos can be shared. I referring to taking builds out of server to put on personal/ private server (I dont know jow to do that anyway)


I have built the Stanley hotel before on a18. It took a lot of time doing it alone. Id like to get a team together to do a full universe dedicated to Stephen King.

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can u explain a bit more??? im interested....do u want to build all places from the films? do u have an example pic what u think to build or what shoud be "like stephen king" ?

i speak german english an italian (do u know that steam has a voice chat 2 ?)

u can see what iv build on youtube > actionfoto24 (when u want to take a look)

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45 minutes ago, 7daysOfFun said:

My reply...sorry I tried to quote but I messed it up....


Yes I do mean places from the filma. Derry, The sewers, The Dark Tower, Stephen Kings house, Shawshank, and other landmarks that we can think of or remember. The town from Under the Dome(maybe). But yes a full King Universe on a 8k map. Here is a picture of the Stanley Hotel merged with the Overlook Hotel from The Shining 20200211185606_1.thumb.jpg.f68b7ec5f9d789da09f8719b3a083baf.jpg20200120041940_1.thumb.jpg.37f029776a950fa854eda332057f7879.jpg20200120041845_1.thumb.jpg.25fce9dd6bb878313a2cfc49574d3c10.jpg


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4 minutes ago, 7daysOfFun said:

oh wow....

u want to build on 18,4 or 19?

have u turned the zombies off...for only building or u play the zombienights in the game? how long u build 1 house like the castle upside?

I would like to build on 19 stable once it drops because the graphics are so beautiful. WHen I build the hotel above I left zombies on and used God Belt because there were other players on the server I didnt want to interrupt their gameplay. However it all depends on what everyone agrees upon. I was in creative mode, it took about a month to build and I still hadn't completed the decorations inside the hotel. I have to find the video for it.


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On 7/7/2020 at 11:32 AM, KellyIsHigh said:

Being a horror fan I absolutely love this idea but would definitely like more concrete answers on game mode before committing, when you are able to provide. :)

Czon95 {Queen Misfit}#4057 add me and I can get you added to my discord and group DM



I have a dedicated server(est time zone). We'll build a special horde base for horde nights(strongly suggested) Builders will have access to creative mode to make building easier. We would use my personal discord for chat(must have mic)


I am trying to get everyone in disvord so we can discuss things as one and get a more concrete agreement on everything.


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