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Day 14 Blood Moon Horde! - A19 EXP

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1 hour ago, FileMachete said:

That's a really cool looking base. Was worried for you when you started downstairs, nice job handling things and was good to see how it played out.

Would love to hear voice over :)

Excellent vid!

Thanks! The quality of the vid suffered when looking at the base (probably due to the dark red hue) so I'll get a better image of it during the daytime, probably when its painted. 🙂


Yeah, me opening the door and letting the zeds in... is going to be a common theme with this base. ;)


Due to several reasons (financial, undoubtedly poor commentary skills, etc.), a voiceover is probably not going to happen, sorry. 😕 Besides, the focus would be the horde night and not my voice anyway.

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Twas a brave move indeed!  an just a thought, could be good or bad, but maybe an electric door w switch? thinking if a number of biggies are coming through you may not be able to focus on door to close?


Voiceovers can be fun for audience when vid maker gets scared/angry/elated, but yeah, I get it :)

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1 minute ago, Black Hat said:

I like your Tower ! Are you planning to build a kingdom ? 

Thank you. :) It's only day 19 (90 minute days, so technically day 29 or something) so I'm a long way off from doing that. This actually won't be my permanent horde base, I have another one at the back of my mind. What I do plan on doing is adding more towers and having each one serve as a fallback point.

13 minutes ago, Roninwolf said:

wife and I with a friend that helped get me started in a15 are doing a 14 day horde noce to see what thats going to look like sweet vid!


Thanks. :) Good luck on your day 14 horde!

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Just now, Roninwolf said:

sweet work around for food loss ? we are doing ok but the way I am dropping calories is rediculous.....wife went from full to nearly starving just starting her farms....any tips on that

Pretty much eat everything you can find to be honest. Charred meat, canned food if you can (mark every working vending machine on the map), buy food from traders... Try to get a farm up at least by around day 14; mushrooms, corn, and potatoes will be the bread and butter of your crop production. Then again you're playing multiplayer, so I don't know how balanced the new food system is to be honest with you.

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