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  1. an Alpha predator that can kill you if are not properly prepared......imagine that.....
  2. wife put up 18 wood bars and went from full to 30%......mining is totalally a pain in the @%$*#!.....yes the warning is annoying at times however and yes it is not immediately deaddly but the simple fact that you have stop everything you are doing because your stamina delpetes after breaking 3 blocks thts a bit much...seriously it drops 3x faster than water......kinda busted
  3. IKR.......and dont get me started on the near impossible task of mining and gathering basic rescourses to start a base or add simple defenses to a POI without needing a weeks worth of supplies ....really the equivelent of food for 2 people for a week used up just making blunderbuss ammo for 2 people....150 shots each....not good at all.
  4. sweet work around for food loss ? we are doing ok but the way I am dropping calories is rediculous.....wife went from full to nearly starving just starting her farms....any tips on that
  5. wife and I with a friend that helped get me started in a15 are doing a 14 day horde noce to see what thats going to look like sweet vid!
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