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A19 the graphics update. kinda boring. hope 20 is better

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I have to agree on the saturation of the color on some things. At first I thought it might be because I'm used to years of playing it with the dull and washed out colors.
What I think has happened is before the lighting was redone, they did all they could to try to get some kind of color in place. Now that the lighting system is improved, all of those previously boosted colors are too colorful. Just a hunch. As of right now, they are probably excited just to have some color. I'll bet they tone it down a little when this wears off. However, I have noticed that some people playing on certain GPUs have some extreme saturation going on when compared to others.
For me, the saturation looks bad with the following:
Blood stain decals on roads
Any dyed item
The blood on spikes.
Blue cobblestone pallets
The clothing of some of the new zombies. Too clean and bright. (Big Mama's gown, Darlene's shirt) For some reason, Steve's is a very vibrant yellow, but the dirt and blood does a great job in this case of making it believable.
The red bricks in the wasteland terrain.
The blood sprays when decapitating.
In general, I would have to say most red things are too red.

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As a temporary solution for any issues you might have with the new colors/visuals, you can try messing around with Reshade and using various vibrance/color shaders to tone down the colors in general or just specific ones. I'm no expert with it but I've used it for similar things in a few games

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