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Possible to turn Demolisher off?

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Hi everyone!


I have bought 7D2D a few weeks ago and absolutely love it. After some savegames where I tried to find my way around and tested a lot of different things I managed to keep with my latest savegame until day 63 now. I have just successfully survived that day 63 horde night and met Demolisher zombies for the first time. I know how they work with their trigger and stuff but just after their first appearance I dislike them very much already. They render a lot of possibilities for horde night useless and basically it all comes down to shooting them manually from a large distance before they make it to your base. Turrets and blade traps are likely to trigger their explosion, which happened to me this horde night and destroyed six of my blade traps and blew a huge hole into my fortified concrete and steel walls. I find it very annoying to do that much of repair works (and therefore ressource gathering) after a horde night as I prefer to make progress and move on with new ideas instead.


I am sure there are some ways to deal with them effectively and I have some ideas already but I have to say that I am not interested in adapting to them as they are kind of limiting my possibilities too much. So an easy question:


Is there a way to turn Demolishers off completely?


If not I guess my Gyrocopter in mid-air is a safe place during horde night? 😜

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Thanks for that quick reply and moving my topic to the right place.


Indeed I could need a bit more input here.


I have found a "spawning.xml" file, located in 7D2D\Data\Config, is that the correct file?


Is the following paragraph the correct one?

<entityspawner name="NightHorde" dynamic="true" wrapMode="clamp"> <!-- these are feral hordes who will find the player for sure -->
		<day value="*">
			<property name="ResetToday" value="true" />
			<property name="EntityGroupName" value="ZombiesNight" />
			<property name="DelayBetweenSpawns" value="1" />
			<property name="TotalAlive" value="0" />
			<property name="TotalPerWave" value="0" />

Maybe change value="ZombiesNight" to something like "ZombiesNightNoDemolisher" or something?


First time I have opened any .xml file so I need help for sure 🙂




After a bit of digging in different .xml files I see that my approach would not work as "ZombiesNightNoDemolisher" does not exist as such.


Horde zombies are spawned from entitygroup name="ZombiesNight" from entitygroups.xml, correct? However, I cannot find the zombieDemolition in that list.


Maybe I could set the zombieDemolition prob value to 0.0 for every feralHordeStage listed in auto generated feral / blood mood horde groups in entitiygroups.xml? Would require changes on a lot of different places though.




Or maybe I can leave the Demolisher in the game but remove its explosion damage somewhere in entityclasses.xml? AITask-1 - 6 maybe? Or change parameters of values "BreakBlock" and "DestroyArea" somewhere (if these are the correct values)?

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