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Weird Dedicated Server Issue


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Hi, All,

I am trying to setup a dedicated server on a spare Windows 10 machine I have. I think I have everything setup properly but I'm getting a strange error when I connect.


I used this link to run steamcmd and download the files, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3oYfQa4U79A


I used this link to setup my serverconfig.xml, https://developer.valvesoftware.com/wiki/7_Days_to_Die_Dedicated_Server


Before I messed with the port forwarding I confirmed I could connect from my main desktop PC over to the server and play without issue on my LAN. Then...


I used this link to configure the port forwarding on my router, https://portforward.com/tp-link/archer-c9/


I setup my server with a static IP and these are the ports I enabled on the router:


7 Days to Die

TCP 8080-8081, 25000-25003, 26900

UDP 8080-8081, 25000-25003, 26900


When I try and connect from the Internet this is what I see in the game console, https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/513494035965411356/712407904426262558/lazlo_connect.png


That steam ID matches what I see on my server startup:


2020-05-20T22:05:15 52.582 INF [Steamworks.NET] GameServer.LogOn successful, SteamID=90135408548578306, public IP=

2020-05-20T22:05:18 55.992 INF Calculating hashes took 5686 ms (world size 683 MiB)


...so I feel like it's reaching the server but throwing that weird error.


On the physical server I confirmed the Windows firewall opened up a port for the 7 Days to Die Server. On a lark I completely turned off the software firewall and it still didn't work.


Any ideas what is occuring? My serverconfig.xml is pretty standard and I can post it if needed.


If you know a better forum for assistance with dedicated server questions please let me know.


Thanks In Advance


Edit: This site also shows things look good, https://www.canyouseeme.org/

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The link on valvesoftware talks about opening up  ports 26900-26902 UDP, instead you opened 25000-25003, which isn't mentioned at all ???


Well, that's huge.  I got my ports from the PortForward.com website.  Let me try the ports from the Valve document.

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I've added the ports in the Valve doc and I've added 26903 as well.  I've tested it myself and I want to tentatively say it's working.  I'm going to have some friends test as well before I consider it a done deal.  Thanks to both of you.  That's a very weird error in PortForward.com's doc.  I wonder how long it's been incorrect.

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