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COMPOPACK_43 Alpha18.3 Error crash!

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Hello people, I have a dedicated server with a map created with the latest version of "Nitrogen". I wanted to know if someone crashed the server with these "comopack43" prefabs, it doesn't always do it I can't find the error since it doesn't create logs.
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Probably this is a better question for the Nitrogen thread or the CompoPack thread.


If I remember correctly, I had to go into the \resources folder of Nitrogen and edit configPrefablists.txt to add the prefablist_CompoPack43.txt into it. My configPrefablists.txt looks like this now:

//listing of prefabslists
//lists must be present in the resources folder
//filename ; description

prefablist.txt ; Vanilla (default)
prefablist_CompoPack42_b5.txt; Compo Pack 42
prefablist_CompoPack_43.txt; Compo Pack 43
yourownlist.txt ; Custom List

And then I copied file "prefablist_CompoPack_43.txt" from the CompoPack\Nitrogen-files folder into Nitrogen\resources.


Of course you also have to copy all of the actual prefabs from CompoPack into your 7D2D prefabs folder.

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Please keep modding questions and discussion to the modding forum. That is where you are going to get the most solid answers without cluttering up other areas of the forum that are not for technical troubleshooting...



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