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<Modlet> Proper Repair Kits


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*** WARNING ***



Repair kits have always been odd.  Always using the same 2 items to repair anything just seemed wrong.  So here is a fix for that.  


Each kit will handle a certain type or group of Items.  Each type of repair kit is color coded and has an item icon in the corner as well so you can find the type you are looking for easier.


This modlet is server side friendly, so you can just drop it in and go.


Repair Kit Types:

Iron Repair Kit - this is just the current repair kit in the game.  Any non-vanilla items will still be repaired with this.

Steel Repair Kit - Repairs Steel Tools.

Motor Repair Kit - Repairs all tools that have a motor on them and the Generic Motor.

Pistol Repair Kit - Repairs the Pistol, Magnum 44, SMG, and Desert Vulture.

Shotgun Repair Kit - Repairs the Double Barrel, Pump, and Auto shotguns.

Rifle Repair Kit - Repairs the Hunting, Marksman, and Sniper rifles.

Machine Gun Repair Kit - Repairs the AK-47, Tactical AR, and M60.

Bow Repair Kit - Repairs the Wooden Bow, Compound Bow, Iron Crossbow, and Compound Crossbow.

Non-Metal Armor Repair Kit - Repairs cloth and leather armor.

Metal Armor Repair Kit - Repairs Iron and Steel Armor.

Military Armor Repair Kit - Repairs Military Armor.


A few items require JUST the parts of the item to be repaired.  Those are the Steel Sledge, Stun Baton, Steel Club, and Machete.  Those items just require the parts of that item to repair them.


I am looking for feedback on this from the community.  I am up for any suggestions if they make sense in the grand scheme of things.  For example, originally I had Corn Meal being used in the gun repair kit.  I know of a few people that use this in real life.  But if it gets any moisture in it, it turns to a gooey paste pretty quick.  And in the apocalypse, keeping that stuff dry in a repair kit would be impossible, so it is not in there (yet, and may not be in the future)


Recipe suggestions are welcome as well.  There will be some updates for sure, but this is a pretty good start on it.


Change Log:

May 1, 2020 - Ver. 1.0.0 - Initial release


May 6, 2020 - Ver. 1.1.0 - Bug Fix for not being able to use the repair kits to repair the item it was meant to repair

                                       - Added configuration for loot.xml so that you can find these in the same locations in the world where you would find normal repair kits


May 13, 2020 - Ver. 1.2.0 - Bug Fix for proper repair kit for the Steel Fireaxe, Steel Spear, and Steel Knuckles.


June 15, 2021 - Ver. 1.3.0 - Big Changes to the recipes and what repairs what.

                                         - Repair kits now require the Parts for the item to be repaired,  Pistol repair kit requires Pistol Parts, etc...

                                         - Recipes for these have changed.  I think it is balanced pretty good, but let me know what you think.

                                         - Updated Loot.xml so you can find these is certain spots.  Still checking on these so it may change in the future as I discover new places to put these.


June 20, 2021 - Ver. 1.4.0 - Added the repair kits to the trader.


August 12, 2021 - Ver. 1.5 - Fixed a bug that caused the game to crash.

                                          - Added a LOT of stuff to the Localization.txt file changing the descriptions of items 

                                          - Changed the repair times on some things.


January 1, 2022 - Ver. 1.6 - Fixed to work with A20.  Will not work correctly with previous alphas.


April 8, 2022 - Ver. 1.7 - Fixed a bug with robotic items.

                                     - localization.txt updates


July 8, 2022 - Ver. 1.8 - localization.txt updates


December 25, 2022 - Ver. 1.9 - Figured out vehicle repair kits, it is kind of a hack, but works.  So they are added in now  as well.

                                                - Updates to localization.txt file

                                                - changed name of localization.txt file to start with a capital "L" so it should help it be applied on non windows machines and servers.






repair kits.png

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Just away to try this on my server, love the idea of this... I have also felt that just 1 repair kit for all is a bit bland, I do hope this works well.


Thank you


EDIT: So far I really like this from what I see, I have noticed a steel fire axe can be repaired from a normal repair kit.


Also can a description and shorter name for each item to be added in?  



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I will check on the axe.  If you have shorter name Ideas, I am open to suggestions!  I struggled with that as well because of the length.

Also, currently vehicles are repaired with the normal repair kit.  I can't figure out where they are controlled.  It may be hard coded, but still looking and hoping to have them repaired with the Motor Repair Kit.


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OK, found 3 items that don't repair with the correct repair kit.  And I don't know why (yet).


they are - Steel Fireaxe, Steel Spear, Steel Knuckles.


And I still don't know what or where to change what repairs a vehicle...  


Working on the Steel Items first, though.


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Update to version 1.2.0.  


This is a bug fix for the Steel Fire Axe, Steel Spear, and Steel Knuckles.  All other Items checked and (pretty sure) they all work with the appropriate Repair Kit now.  Also, Item Names and Descriptions are added for ENGLISH via the localization.txt file.


Still working on Vehicles...


Zip file updated in first post.


As always.  Let me know if there is an issue.

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  • 4 months later...

OK, The new update is out for A19!!!   This mod is being taken over by a new modder.  He really liked the original mod and idea.  He took it on his own to update and contacted me about it.  After seeing all the work he put into it, I gladly gave him ownership to continue updates.  It is really good work and he is working with other modders on it for maximum compatibility.


Link to new A19 version here:


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I am working on this mod again.  New update out today for A19 and it will change the way you play the game.  You have to make sure you have the parts of the items you wish to repair to make the repair kit for that Item.


This version is still server side friendly.  Just drop in and go.

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3 hours ago, Artemisia said:

Hello. I guess you forgot to add the download link?


Hi Artemisia


I do not forget to put the link, now you have to upload your mod elsewhere and here you will share the link that will redirect you to the mod for download.
Sure share it shortly.

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  • 2 weeks later...

I found the issue with this.  I have it fixed.  There were a few others with the same issue.  Maybe 1 more still.  Need to test that item out.  Also updating the Localization.txt file so the descriptions are correct (in english, anyway).  But it is almost midnight here, and I have to get up at 5 in the morning.  Will finish all of this tomorrow and get a patch uploaded.


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New version out.  Bug fix so the game does not crash.  This was because there were properties missing on some of the parts needed to be able to repair and item with just the parts for it.  Also added a bunch of ENGLISH descriptions to the localization.txt file to update the descriptions of items and what they are repaired with.

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Howdy!  Localization file needs a lil tweaking.  I completely removed the steel pick axe because the description was IN the name of axe.  

Other part is missing name and Desc for steel tool repair kit.  I added in the one i'm using.

resourceIceburgSteelToolRepairKit,items,Item,New,Steel Tool Repair Kit
resourceIceburgSteelToolRepairKitDesc,items,Item,New,"Steel Tool Repair Kits are used to repair all types of steel tools."

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I had to pull this mod from our server :(

I isolated it to my single player game as well so it was the only mod running.  But when players have a robotic junk sledge on their hotbar and go to select it they get the thousands lines of red "object reference" errors :(

I can reproduce for you at will if you can not.  I won't check back here much but you can find me at kittenmegaming.com where I have other ways you can find me.  Hope you get this one fixed up!!  I really wanted it on our server for this next season :(

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Great work! I had thought I would like to see parts used in repairing instead of just repair kits, and this mod does the job brilliantly.


There are some corrections to be made to the localization text file, namely:


The description of scrap armour and steel armour has not been updated. It is because "armorHeavyGroupDesc" only changes the description of iron armour. The line of code for armorHeavyGroupDesc should be repeated for armorSteelGroupDesc and armorScrapDesc. (Notice it isn't ScrapGroup, just Scrap).


The steel pickaxe has its description where its names should be, because "meleeToolPickT2SteelPickaxeDesc" is missing the "Desc" at the end. This was already mentioned by someone else, but they didn't say what the cause was.



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