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  1. Hello! Thanks for the reply, I am a fool! I downloaded it and didnt upload it hense why I couldnt see them! Sorry about that Thanks again! Adam
  2. Good day! Love the mods as I and the people on my server like adding the random bits to the game to make it more enjoyable! Do you do a door mod or similar? I thought I read above someone mentioning it but I dont see one? If you dont, would it be something you would consider? As the standard wood/iron doors are lack luster compared to the nice ones you can find in houses/buildings etc. Thanks for your time and effort. Adam
  3. Just away to try this on my server, love the idea of this... I have also felt that just 1 repair kit for all is a bit bland, I do hope this works well. Thank you EDIT: So far I really like this from what I see, I have noticed a steel fire axe can be repaired from a normal repair kit. Also can a description and shorter name for each item to be added in? Thanks
  4. Hello, Every time I generate a world, the pictures attached happens, every single time. Happens with custom settings, default settings, 4k/6k/8k maps. Tested map generation on my laptop then copied to my PC to run, same deal. You will note I am using the CompoPack add on, also happens with vanilla poi's and settings, so its not that. Literally cannot make a map without this odd event of non rendered world happening. Oddly enough, snow biome appears to render and work fine, you still get the square ish hole overlap though. It appears that ive noticed a few others have this issue but unresolved. So many people have this nitrogen maker working so must be something more on my pc with the generation but I am at a loss as to what it is. If anyone has any ideas I would be very grateful. Many thanks.
  5. Map Issues Hello all, Can anyone shed some light on why this keeps happening, every map I make? Now, some background on that picture. As I move into the world, the gap moves with me (flying, using cheat mode, but happens without cheat mode as well but you just fall into oblivion), no trees or bushes load in and also buildings dont appear right. Now, the world is split into Snow (north), Burnt (middle) and Desert (south). The snow biome worked fine, but as soon as I crossed over into the middle biome, this happened. I am using a custom height map and mask for this world but the problem is not unique to this map, every map I generate with Nitrogen is developing this issue. Now, from all the happy users of nitrogen I can only assume this is somehow an issue with my computers generation of the maps, but to what end I have no idea. The same issue is replicated on my server and home PC, despite trying several methods to install the map (using the nitrogen folder or copying over files to a different folder). My settings for nitrogen: This could quite easily be something simple I am over looking or something more problematic. I would really love to use nitrogen for my servers custom world but at the moment I have to stick with Alpha 18's built in world gen. I have had a browse and search of the topic, unless I have missed something, I dont think anyone else seems to be having this issue? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  6. Hey all. Has anyone had an issue with nitrogen generated maps where they spawn in and are surrounded by a wall of rock / texture and as you move closer to it it vanishes to reveal what the world should be under neath it? Also can happen is that you can see buildings, tree's, objects in the near distance that appear to be floating in the air but as you get closer the world renders in around them and it looks correct. This is only happening with Nitrogen maps, standard gen maps are not giving me this issue. (maps are run on a dedicated server) If anyone has any insight to this it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  7. Good day folks, First off still loving this and the changes you have been making, thank you for your efforts. Secondly, does anyone have a decent water edge height map they use (8k)? I have been playing about about with a custom height map to give the world a water border similar to the one the vanilla RWG gave me as I quite like it instead of a wasteland (I like the island feel to it). I am, however, ♥♥♥♥e at making a decent looking realistic blend between land and water and wondering if anyone else had success they would like to share? No worries if not, just thought I would ask Other than that, still enjoying this tool to spice things up from the standard RWG
  8. Damn, what a great idea, never even thought of that! So simple and worked great, got the new map working with ease Outstanding, thanks
  9. Good evening, First off, great tool, nice fresh worlds. I was wondering if anyone could potentially help me with an issue and I apologise in advance if this has been covered and I have missed it. I am trying to use a generated world on a PingPerfect server, previously I have generated a world on my own computer and successfully uploaded it for use on the server. However, I cannot get a world to successfully load with a map generated with Nitrogen. The generated map is uploaded to the generated worlds folder, then I attempt to create a seed on the server. On my home computer, this works as it should and I can get into the map and all is dandy, but if I attempt to repeat the process on the server (or upload the seed from the home computer), the server either hangs at the "Starting game" screen with the world sound playing in the background or it just cant retrieve server information. I am unsure as to what I may be doing wrong, considering I have had a successful upload in the past (not Nitrogen). Can anyone please shed some light on this? Many thanks, Adam
  10. That thermostat bar for temperature is beyond awesome! The whole rework of the HUD is just class, love it. Have to disagree with the fellow above, what your doing together is what makes your mod the best, and from what I've seen it doesn't look like its hard to navigate but a lot easier? So not quite sure where that stems from but either way all I see is good work and will be 100% worth the wait for when its released Thank you for your time and keep up the great work
  11. Ah fair play, I did not realise temperature was handled that way. Well, either way this mod is going make a huge difference again, amazing work to do by yourself, keep up the efforts, I know I am not the only one who sincerely appreciates it
  12. Hey, I'm new on the forums but I have been watching this thread eagerly! We ran this mod on our server in Alpha 16.4 and it was outstanding, by far the best one we used and I could not be more happy to see you are working on a version for Alpha 17, will be amazing, really looking forward to it! The food system looks first class, do you mind if I ask if you have looked at adjustments to the food / water use and weather system at all? Although I enjoy Alpha 17, I do feel the current weather system is iffy (possibly a known thing?) Like currently my higher leveled up character stays at 70 degrees no matter what biome I'm in, at least in alpha 16.4 you could see the temp fluctuating but now it feels static. Likewise at low levels you can be 70 degrees in one biome then instantly freezing in seconds if you enter a snow biome, the balance feels a bit off. Anyways, cracking work so far, can't wait for this to come out, going to be many more hours to enjoy with this mod! Keep up the fantastic work!
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