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Server process got killed in Linux server. Please help.


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Hi there,


I brought a cloud server and want to setup the server to play with my friend. I used to have a windows server which worked fine. This time I got a Linux server.


after I enter "./startserver.sh -configfile=./serverconfig.xml" the process get started. However, half minute later it got killed like:


"./startserver.sh: line 37: 6495 Killed ./7DaysToDieServer.x86_64 -logfile $SERVERDIR/7DaysToDieServer_Data/output_log__`date +%Y-%m-%d__%H-%M-%S`.txt -quit -batchmode -nographics -dedicated $PARAMS".



here is the log:



Would anyone please help? Thanks a lot.

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If I startup a server with an 8K world, memory consumption jumps to about 3.5GB. You can at least start a 4k or 8k server if you only have 4GB.


If you are running Windows, then you need more because Winbloze itself takes a huge chunk of resources, so now you need a good 8K to get your server to start and run.


If you want bigger worlds, you add a lot more memory. My server with a 12K world takes about 10.5GB at startup. Last time I ran a 16K world, the server was using more than 16GB ram give or take. I ended up putting 32GB in the box and memory problems all went away.

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