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  1. To make a long story short, I added these two lines to my startup script, and it hasn't crashed since: ulimit -n 10240 TERM=xterm I can give an argument for either of them causing the problem. I haven't yet had a chance to see which one might have fixed it. I know unity gets upset if the var TERM isn't to it's liking, and I've also seen weird things when file handles are exhausted, though that is quite rare. I'll run like this for a while to ensure it really is stable, and then take them away one at a time to see which was magic.
  2. I doubt the problem is Slackware, I've used it for many many years, and it's the only distro I've run my 7d servers on. Up until now they have been rock solid. I'll generate another new world and run until it crashes, and upload the full log. I've seen people complaining about this message related to unity, but not specifically for 7D2D. And I notice the last line is *always* "#23 0x0000004218cb60 in EntityFactory:LoadPrefabs (EntityClass,bool) ", indicating some relation to prefabs. I'm wondering if there is a bad prefab triggering this?
  3. I have returned to A19 after a prolonged absence. Clean install of the dedicated server on Linux, A19.5. Slackware 15, 5.10.32 kernel. 142GB storage available on SSD, server uses about 4GB out of 32 GB ram. The same box I've always run 7D and other servers on. Yes I verified/reinstalled the server. No mods. Vanilla world. I am having a consistent server crashing problem. When any client joins and starts to run around, the server will crash within 5-10 minutes. The error message is always the same. I'll gather logs and post them later, I still have a few tests to run before I give up. For now I'm asking if anyone else has seen this or has any input: The file 'archive:/CAB-fedb5cd35fe052f26ff23b1c055cad80/CAB-fedb5cd35fe052f26ff23b1c055cad80' is corrupted! Remove it and launch unity again! [Position out of bounds!] (Filename: ./Runtime/Serialize/SerializationCaching/CachedReader.cpp Line: 220) Obtained 24 stack frames. #0 0x0055c65f072617 in (Unknown) #1 0x0055c65e370903 in (Unknown) #2 0x0055c65ea6995d in (Unknown) #3 0x0055c65ea6a89d in (Unknown) #4 0x0055c65f086320 in (Unknown) #5 0x0055c65f08d80a in (Unknown) #6 0x0055c65f08dc62 in (Unknown) #7 0x0055c65f08df32 in (Unknown) #8 0x0055c65f08e0e9 in (Unknown) #9 0x0055c65f08e332 in (Unknown) #10 0x0055c65f08e563 in (Unknown) #11 0x0055c65ebb2c1e in (Unknown) #12 0x0055c65ebab653 in (Unknown) #13 0x0055c65ebad48a in (Unknown) #14 0x0055c65ebad57e in (Unknown) #15 0x0055c65e5bd348 in (Unknown) #16 0x0055c65e5bd5ec in (Unknown) #17 0x0055c65e5ad989 in (Unknown) #18 0x0055c65e6b825a in (Unknown) #19 0x00000040bb62a4 in (wrapper managed-to-native) UnityEngine.AssetBundle:LoadAsset_Internal (UnityEngine.AssetBundle,string,System.Type) #20 0x00000040d0557c in LoadManager:LoadAssetFromBundle<T_REF> (string,string,System.Action`1<T_REF>,LoadManager/LoadGroup,bool,bool) #21 0x00000040cfad28 in DataLoader:LoadAsset<T_REF> (DataLoader/DataPathIdentifier) #22 0x00000040cfa660 in DataLoader:LoadAsset<T_REF> (string) #23 0x0000004027fee0 in EntityFactory:LoadPrefabs (EntityClass,bool)
  4. I abandoned Winbloze years ago, before Windows 8 came out. I'm a software engineer, yet there is *nothing I need windows for. Linux does it all. Gaming, office work, software dev, website, database, you name it. When I switched to Linux, 95% of my frustration with my operating system went away. Windows really is that bad. Several years ago I switched my daughter from Windows to Linux. And she got mad at me! Why? "Dad, this is amazing, my computer doesn't crash anymore and is so much faster. I'm mad at you for not doing this sooner".
  5. Exploring the hub cities with my daughter. We have logged many hundreds of hours, I'm sitting at 2342 hours played. We used to build a house at the top of the cliffs that usually bordered at least on side of these cities, and would risk running into the city to loot and explore. We would quietly sneak down the street so as not to attract attention, or hole up in an apartment building overnight in the hopes they would not break through to us. Or run from dogs, not always successfully. Fun times! I dearly miss the hub city, we had the most amount of fun exploring those. One of my white boards is covered with a picture she drew about our adventures with minibikes. It's several years old, but I don't have the heart to erase it. You can see the hub city in the background. I had driven my minibike off of a cliff and could not find it. It was embedded into the cliff face on the other side of the chasm. Fun Times!
  6. You can't. Nitrogen has a built in 4K minimum size limit and you can't over ride it. No matter what you enter for map size, it will be at least 4K. I'd be happy if Damocles would lower that, but I'm not sure what kind of restructuring he would have to do to his code or what kind of problems it would cause.
  7. It looks like it's the player profile that has this in it. When a player joins the server, it creates their player files and allocates space for their backpack. I don't know if that can be fixed, haven't had time to dissect the player files. I deleted my player files, found in Player/*.map/ttp. When I did and joined server, the 96 slots all work. It wipes the players progress but at least does not wipe the entire world. Would be interested to hear if anyone else can confirm this. Look in the Player directory for the player files, and rename/delete the players files, and rejoin the server. Their status/progress resets, but now they have full usage of all 96 slots.
  8. Is there a workaround? Do you have to start a new world? I have the 96 slot backpack, and if I have anything crafting/scrapping, it will use the first 60 slots, but not the last 36. It insists the inventory is full. I started the world with a 60 slot backpack in place. And if I do start a new world with a 96 slot backpack (not that i would cause this 96 slot backpack is bloody awesome) and downgrade to a 60 slot backpack, will that break anything?
  9. TYVM you saved me a lot of time
  10. TYVM, that is exactly what I see. If I get a chance I'll try to comment out the problem POIS, I don't think it's that many.
  11. Is anyone using a Nitrogen map with compopack 34? I know you can select it in NitroGen, but when I start the server, I get a flood of errors about various prefabs. The error is always Block <some block> is unknown. Meaning the prefab wants to use a block that no longer exists in block.xml. So anyone running Nitrogen with A19 and compopack?
  12. Has anyone succeeded in adding ravenhearst PIOs to Nitrogen? The prefab list is for 5.5.3, and those prefabs are no longer available for download. Is there a more current prefablist, or does anyone know where the older prefabs can be found? Same with Darkness Falls, prefab list for Nitrogen is out of date. Edit: I gave up on ravenhearst. I did some parsing of the Darkness Falls files, and it looks like they draw heavily on compopack. In the end it wasn't worth the time to hack custom POIs into a Nitrogen map without the mod itself - too time consuming.
  13. Today I played around with Nitrogen and compopack 34, generating 8k, 10k, 12k, 14k and 16k worlds, all with the same settings. Few cities, mega sized. Mostly flat. I first tried it with a lot of mega sized cities, and the 16k map maxed out memory usage and crashed. I don't have enough memory in the box to run that kind of map. Soo I used few megasized cities. This is the memory the server and the client consume: 16K Server memory: 27GB Client memory: 29GB 14K Server memory: 19GB Client memory: 22GB 12K Server memory: 17GB Client memory: 19GB 10K Server memory: 14GB Client memory: 14GB 8K Server memory: 8GB Client memory: 13 8K with lots of mega sized cities Server memory: 11 Client memory: 16 Note that after the initial load, both the server and client will drop memory usage by a few GB. This is unfortunate, because systems with borderline memory that might have been able to run the map, will crash on the load because they can't handle the peak. A 10K map runs with 14GB ram, but might peak at 17GB or so to load, crashing clients with only 16GB ram. Note that the memory used by the map depends on the content of the map. Lots of stuff equals more memory. Boring vanilla maps don't use as much memory. Fully loaded 16K maps use more than 32GB and while they don't really require a beast of a machine to run on, you do need a lot of memory. All of this was run under Slackware 14.2+, 5.4.25 kernel, 32GB ram. Server has a GT710, client has RTX2600. Both have Ryzen <I forget which> 16 virtual cores. 3 SSDs in each box.
  14. If you are using Thunar, it is by design. The Thunar devs, in their infinite wisdom, disabled by default the running of scripts. Look here: https://docs.xfce.org/xfce/thunar/hidden-settings. Look for the setting /misc-exec-shell-scripts-by-default. I did this to enable it: xfconf-query --channel thunar --property /misc-exec-shell-scripts-by-default --create --type bool --set true Then you can run Nitrogen from the filemanager. YMMV...works for me
  15. I suspect a bad map generation. I've been running Nitrogen maps on my server for a long time, and from time to time I do get buggy, even weird, maps that are not usable. I just delete it, generate another map, and eventually I get a good stable error-free map.
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