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  1. Well let's just make this even weirder. I went to join server and got this: ERR Loading player data failed for player '76561197960378421', rolling back: And my player profile on the server got wiped. And now the movement factor is recognized. This is too weird. Does movement_factor get read and stored with the player profile upon initial creation, and ignore subsequent changes?
  2. Linux dedicated server. I modified materials.xml, adding/increase movement_factor for various materials. I've done this since A14 or so, and it's always worked. In the current version, Alpha 19.2 (b4), I have this for various materials: <property name="movement_factor" value="1.750" /> And it does nothing. Movement speed remains unchanged. Does this no longer work, or is movement_factor hard coded somewhere such whatever we put in materials.xml gets ignored? Again - I've been doing this for years. It stopped working with A19.
  3. Dude, you just made my day. I know A20 is a ways off, but there is just so much potential for RWG. I feel like the current iteration is barely tapping the potential. So yeah, this won't happen until next year, but I'm not going anywhere :D. Nitrogen works and works well. I was just wanting to play vanilla RWG for a while to compare. There is so much potential for RWG, but it really isn't been tapped. What you did with A18 (or was it A17?) is an example. Your ...ok what was it called...I forget....but what you did was amazing, I ran that on my server for a long time, and my players
  4. Is there just not enough demand for bigger worlds to make it worth the effort to support this? Some of us have high end systems and would not mind it if it took hours to generate a 16K world. At least it would get it done. Nitrogen works, but Damocles vanished a month ago and no one knows what the future of Nitrogen is going to be.
  5. Has anyone been successful in generating maps bigger than 8K? I've tried to generate 10k and 12k worlds, but it always crashes. I have an nVidia RTX2600, 32GB ram, AMD Ryzen 7 1700 8 core (16 psuedo cores). Slackware 14.2 with 4.4.227 kernel. And it just flat won't generate anything bigger than 8K. Yes, I know, use Nitrogen. I do. It makes beautiful 16K worlds in no time at all. But I want to play with vanilla RWG on big worlds and as with A18, nothing bigger than 8K will generate. 2020-08-21T10:55:50 2599.069 INF WorldGenerator:Socket data generation took 41 minutes 37
  6. You can't. Nitrogen has a built in 4K minimum size limit and you can't over ride it. No matter what you enter for map size, it will be at least 4K. I'd be happy if Damocles would lower that, but I'm not sure what kind of restructuring he would have to do to his code or what kind of problems it would cause.
  7. You cannot do this with Nitrogen. It has a hard min limit of 4096 no matter what you enter. You can modify the 7D client to do this with ease. You have to edit the config files and add the option for smaller maps. I believe the file is .Config\XUi_Menu\windows.xml. Look for these lines, there are two of them. I think you need to change both lines. BACKUP THE ORIGINAL FILE BEFORE YOU DO THIS. Change this: values="4096,8192" to values="1024,2048,4096,8192". Save. Restart game. Try to generate a new world, you should now be able to make random gen worlds 1024 and 2048 in s
  8. In my serverconfig.xml I have: <property name="DropOnDeath" value="3" /> <!-- 0 = nothing, 1 = everything, 2 = toolbelt only, 3 = backpack only, 4 = delete all --> Yet when a player dies, they do not drop their backpack. When they respawn, their backpack contents are still there, and there is no backpack on the ground. I disabled all mods, thinking it was a mod, and this still happens. Anyone else see this?
  9. It looks like it's the player profile that has this in it. When a player joins the server, it creates their player files and allocates space for their backpack. I don't know if that can be fixed, haven't had time to dissect the player files. I deleted my player files, found in Player/*.map/ttp. When I did and joined server, the 96 slots all work. It wipes the players progress but at least does not wipe the entire world. Would be interested to hear if anyone else can confirm this. Look in the Player directory for the player files, and rename/delete the players files, and rejoin the server. Thei
  10. Is there a workaround? Do you have to start a new world? I have the 96 slot backpack, and if I have anything crafting/scrapping, it will use the first 60 slots, but not the last 36. It insists the inventory is full. I started the world with a 60 slot backpack in place. And if I do start a new world with a 96 slot backpack (not that i would cause this 96 slot backpack is bloody awesome) and downgrade to a 60 slot backpack, will that break anything?
  11. TYVM you saved me a lot of time
  12. TYVM, that is exactly what I see. If I get a chance I'll try to comment out the problem POIS, I don't think it's that many.
  13. Is anyone using a Nitrogen map with compopack 34? I know you can select it in NitroGen, but when I start the server, I get a flood of errors about various prefabs. The error is always Block <some block> is unknown. Meaning the prefab wants to use a block that no longer exists in block.xml. So anyone running Nitrogen with A19 and compopack?
  14. Has anyone succeeded in adding ravenhearst PIOs to Nitrogen? The prefab list is for 5.5.3, and those prefabs are no longer available for download. Is there a more current prefablist, or does anyone know where the older prefabs can be found? Same with Darkness Falls, prefab list for Nitrogen is out of date. Edit: I gave up on ravenhearst. I did some parsing of the Darkness Falls files, and it looks like they draw heavily on compopack. In the end it wasn't worth the time to hack custom POIs into a Nitrogen map without the mod itself - too time consuming.
  15. Today I played around with Nitrogen and compopack 34, generating 8k, 10k, 12k, 14k and 16k worlds, all with the same settings. Few cities, mega sized. Mostly flat. I first tried it with a lot of mega sized cities, and the 16k map maxed out memory usage and crashed. I don't have enough memory in the box to run that kind of map. Soo I used few megasized cities. This is the memory the server and the client consume: 16K Server memory: 27GB Client memory: 29GB 14K Server memory: 19GB Client memory: 22GB 12K Server memory: 17GB Client memory: 19GB 10K Server memory: 14GB Client memor
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