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Server crashing during blood moon


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Have a closed server that my buddy is hosting and we've been having trouble with the server crashing on bloodmoon nights. We usually have 4 people playing and we have tried to mess with the number of zombies that spawn (anywhere from 4 per person to 12pp) We cannot find anything in the logs to show why it should be crashing. Any help would be appreciative.


Parts of the logs


2020-03-28T16:56:57 0.353 INF OS: Linux 5.0 Ubuntu 18.04 64bit

2020-03-28T16:56:57 0.355 INF CPU: Intel® Xeon® CPU E5-2609 0 @ 2.40GHz (cores: 4)

2020-03-28T16:56:57 0.355 INF RAM: 32134 MB

GamePref.GameVersion = Alpha 18.4

GamePref.BloodMoonEnemyCount = 8

GamePref.MaxSpawnedZombies = 64


Bloodmoon start


2020-03-30T21:40:15 189798.842 INF BloodMoon starting for day 35

2020-03-30T21:40:15 189798.845 INF Party with 4 player(s) has a computed game stage of 240

2020-03-30T21:40:15 189798.845 INF Party members:

2020-03-30T21:40:15 189798.845 INF Player id 553 gameStage: 73

2020-03-30T21:40:15 189798.845 INF Player id 171 gameStage: 82

2020-03-30T21:40:15 189798.845 INF Player id 2130 gameStage: 83

2020-03-30T21:40:15 189798.845 INF Player id 176 gameStage: 96


Crash at 21:41:38


2020-03-30T21:41:38 189881.487 INF BloodMoonParty: SpawnZombie grp 0 feralHordeStageGS225 (count 59, numToSpawn 328, maxAlive 75), cnt 31 zombieSoldier, at player 176, day/time 35 22:14


I have more logs if needed.



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Full log would be very helpful. Unless you know the cause you can't know whats important in there and what not. See sticky thread in "General Support" for ways to post it. And others need the log for context (which CPU, what version of this and that, mods, settings)


You might check the servers own logs for suspicious stuff, just to be on the safe side. Checking the RAM and stress-testing the CPU(s) might be a good idea especially since the crash happened at a time when the server is usually hitting some limits.


If it is a private server you might search and replace the ip-address in the log before posting, that is what I do when I post a log

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Sorry, don't have a hot trail.


It is a fairly old CPU without any speed-step at the minimal recommended frequency. On the other hand even on bloodmoon the servers "fps" is not doing any diving, it seems always to be around ~30 fps, which doesn't really indicate a stressed CPU. I'm assuming here that the fps value corresponds to the internal tick-rate of the server which isn't really safe to say. It could very well be a number without practical value on a server.


I don't see anything notable in the log, but have no experience at all with EAC stuff. I'm a bit astonished that you have EAC enabled on a private server though. A test without it might make sense as EAC seems to have been the cause of problems from time to time.


I really would suggest testing the RAM. If you have access to the hardware, even better, just switch the RAM around on the motherboard so a faulty chip would sit at a totally different address and lead to either OS crashes or a seemingly perfectly running server. If that happens you know you have a faulty chip.

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