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Cannot transfer character data to a new world / How do I duplicate my character data?

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I made a 10k NitroGen world recently but want to be able to maintain my character's stats, skill points, and if possible his inventory as well. I've tried overwriting the save data for Player on the new world but it doesn't stick. It either reverts back to the previous save from when I first logged in or it creates a new character.


Any advice or help would be much appreciated! I want to be able to transfer my character over. All of these worlds are local to my computer and are NOT multiplayer. It's just me.


Thank you thank you!

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Posted (edited)

I am wondering on this as well.

The only part that seems to transfer is the .map.

The .ttp, and .ttp.bak always reverts.

I've also checked the Steam cloud, and that's not part of the equation, as it doesn't seem to save there.

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Server has to be off for you to move the player files. You must move both the .ttp and the .ttp.bak files.  I do this all the time.

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Hey, thanks for responding.

I think we both are referring to single player.

Chain of events:

Copied .ttp and .ttp.bak to a different location.

Start new game, in new map.


Paste desired .ttp and ttp.bak into new world save folder (overwriting new character).

Start game, enter newly created world.

Character is reverted back to initial creation (level 1, no skills) instead of the preferred character.

As I understood it, those were the correct steps, so I have no idea why the character reverts.

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