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  1. From what I understand, the 7D2D mod launcher handles the DMT on it's own, both through D/L and use. Regardless, the mod versions are still in question.
  2. Heya, D/L the a19exp, and moved the core, and distant terrain into my mods folder, however, upon launching the 7D2D launcher, and going to manage modlets, it shows them as A18.4 and A18.3 respectively. Is something wrong, or is it supposed to state that?
  3. Just curious, but what will you be starting updates on? UI first? Or something deeper?
  4. Lol no, default nailgun animation works fine, a tad slow but is fine.
  5. Is that in response to my question? if so, what I meant was a nailgun that can replace the hammer, axe, shovel/auger and wrench...sort of a "one tool to rule them all" type thing...I realize there is something of the sort out there, but the exp gain is astronomical. So much so that I essentially had to pre-build my base in the editor, and place it via the prefabs.txt list, to avoid all the levels I'd gain from building with said tool. I'd edit the xml's, but I've no idea where the exp gain code is located when building.
  6. Is it possible to have an alternate one which replaces all the pioneer tools...and gives zero exp for building?
  7. Yes, I understand, but I am referring to after generating a world with the RWG. To be clear, I generate a map, play said map, but it does not appear in the worlds folder.
  8. I have used Nitro by itself, and with Compo Pack in DF. The DF maps are good, but I wanted 16k maps to use DF on. Had no issues, other than, as I stated, the large amount of irradiated craters, which bar you from exploring a good portion of the map early game.
  9. Nitro+ CP works fine with this mod. The only issue I found was there were far too many irradiated craters, and I haven't figured out how to reduce their number as yet.
  10. Anyone have an idea as to why I am getting no generated worlds in the worlds folder with the AIO specifically?
  11. OK, so I tried the AIO vs piecemeal, and no issues with the AIO itself, however, I generated a new map, and it does not show in the worlds folder, so consequently cannot check to see if the POI's I inserted into the Prefabs folder has loaded onto the map.
  12. Best way to find Tool & Die sets, from what I have found are wandering traders. I have never actually found any inside crates TBH. Could be just me though... There is a way to remove blocks with the z selection which takes a fair bit of explanation if you aren't aware of using it, however Khaine may have an easier solution.
  13. Heya Running into an issue with a prefab I inserted into the prefabs.txt file. Here is the code: Altered_Sample,DOWNTOWN;WILDERNESS,0,-2,44,22,62,alone;unique My issue is that (from my understanding) using alone;unique should give, at the very least one instance of the prefab upon generation. Except that it's not happening, rather one of five gens this morning so far (as I am trying for somewhat center, and in forest) has the intended prefab. I know I could just slap it in there in world editor, but I want the location to be somewhat unknown, as searching for it is half the fun.
  14. Thank you, it worked. If anyone else needs to do this alteration, make sure to use an underscore in the folder name, else the launcher won't see it. In my case it was "Alpha_18.4".
  15. Quick question on the 7D2D launcher, before I actually try something. In preparation for the incoming A19 (hopefully), I need to alter an install. I am currently using the "latest-stable" directory, however, I have mods, and many of the xml's altered to my satisfaction. When A19 drops, I don't want to overwrite said xml's. So, I am thinking, and correct me if I am wrong, I can simply rename the folder to "Alpha 18.4" without destroying that install? Meaning, after renaming I can still access the install through "Alpha 18.4" in the launcher, whilst leaving "latest-stable" for A19?
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