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Strange FPS problem


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I upgraded to a fairly badass PC recently and I can run 7 Days to Die on all high with 60FPS locked on vsync. However for some odd reason having winamp just open (not even playing) I drop to a steady 40FPS.


I have the 8 core i7 9700k @ stock at the moment and 32gb DDR3000 and my trusty GeForce GTX 1080, so WTF causes winamp to cut 20FPS just being open of all things? BTW I obviously do not need winamp playing or on of course its just a bit odd that it does this.


Maybe it has something to do with the old code of winamp or something that 7 Days does not like, I don't know. The version is Winamp pro v5.622 (x86).


This is not a support thing or a complaint its just something I have found that is odd.

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Maybe it's automatic resource reservation? Have you tried setting the 7DTD process priority to high or realtime? Conversely, set winamp to low? Might have some impact.

Other than that, winamp sucks. I use foobar. A fraction of the CPU power used and a huge potential for customization, on top of highest playback quality. And it's free.

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