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  1. Can someone inform me as to how to use the ingot mold in the furnace to craft iron ingots? I am missing something ... thanks.
  2. I loaded creative in Navezgane and just placed an Oil Pump on the place I spawned (forest). Unsure how long to wait or how to operate. Am I right that you cannot create a Gasoline schematic?
  3. So if it's an oil pump, I will need an augur (not yet located). Also, once I have the pump, does it need to be placed in a certain location, over shale for example?
  4. Thank you! And what about a renewable/craftable source for gasoline?
  5. How so? I have always considered it a staple. Anyway, where can I find or how to unlock access to the crucible? The other thing I find myself baffled by is the ability to make gasoline. I have been fueling my vehicle with jerry cans filled from barrels or gas pumps. What is a renewable source for gasoline?
  6. yeah, I focused on Lucky Looter, have it at level 4. Now moving into Better Bartering in hopes the crucible pops up on traders.
  7. CRUCIBLE - oh my. The only thing locking me up. What are sources for these? 25 days in and not one found yet!
  8. I noticed the elevators are very heavy (rightfully so). How does one with an inventory of less than 1000lbs manipulate these? As others have said: keep up the good work with our thanks and admiration!
  9. Need copper to make wire for Carpenter's Bench Tier 2/3 - I only found 2 pieces of it in 15 days and cannot remember where I found it. What are the sources of copper to be used for wire please? *EDIT* I found copper ingots on a trader for $39 each and was able to progress. The original question stands, except know that you may be able to buy from a trader as one source.
  10. Hi Subquake - first: thanks for the mod. Loved it in A16 and trying it now in A19. Any comment on world generation? Can I generate a world using Nitrogen and expect compatibility? Thanks again!
  11. Got rid of all files and re-installed. It seemed to have worked! I think the error was that I pulled from a A19.2 Latest Experimental Steam version, not A19.1(b8) Latest Stable.
  12. This isn't isolated. I just installed a fresh copy of 7D2D, 7D2D Mod Launcher, DF Mod and got the same instantiation error. Game hangs on initial launch at "Building Environment". Suggestions? Log file attached. New_Text_Document.txt
  13. Hi there, Just started using Nitrogen - it's great! However, I am getting a few warnings in the console about some POIs not found. I used the switch Compo42 in the Nitrogen generator but installed CompoPack_43 (by the way, I generated the world without CompoPack installed, then installed CP). Any ideas?
  14. Go here: D:\7D2D\Alpha18\Darkness_Falls\Darkness_Falls\Data \Worlds\DFalls-Medium3\preview ... is where you find the preview .png files for the Medium-3 but I only see previews for the Mediums. Curious - might be that Medium was generated on Nitrogen?
  15. Thanks Khaine. So I figured that the best source of demons was a demon portal in wasteland. However, I found one and it's empty. Nothing is spawning. What is the intent of the portals?
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