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  1. Can someone inform me as to how to use the ingot mold in the furnace to craft iron ingots? I am missing something ... thanks.
  2. I loaded creative in Navezgane and just placed an Oil Pump on the place I spawned (forest). Unsure how long to wait or how to operate. Am I right that you cannot create a Gasoline schematic?
  3. So if it's an oil pump, I will need an augur (not yet located). Also, once I have the pump, does it need to be placed in a certain location, over shale for example?
  4. Thank you! And what about a renewable/craftable source for gasoline?
  5. How so? I have always considered it a staple. Anyway, where can I find or how to unlock access to the crucible? The other thing I find myself baffled by is the ability to make gasoline. I have been fueling my vehicle with jerry cans filled from barrels or gas pumps. What is a renewable source for gasoline?
  6. yeah, I focused on Lucky Looter, have it at level 4. Now moving into Better Bartering in hopes the crucible pops up on traders.
  7. CRUCIBLE - oh my. The only thing locking me up. What are sources for these? 25 days in and not one found yet!
  8. I noticed the elevators are very heavy (rightfully so). How does one with an inventory of less than 1000lbs manipulate these? As others have said: keep up the good work with our thanks and admiration!
  9. Need copper to make wire for Carpenter's Bench Tier 2/3 - I only found 2 pieces of it in 15 days and cannot remember where I found it. What are the sources of copper to be used for wire please? *EDIT* I found copper ingots on a trader for $39 each and was able to progress. The original question stands, except know that you may be able to buy from a trader as one source.
  10. Hi Subquake - first: thanks for the mod. Loved it in A16 and trying it now in A19. Any comment on world generation? Can I generate a world using Nitrogen and expect compatibility? Thanks again!
  11. Got rid of all files and re-installed. It seemed to have worked! I think the error was that I pulled from a A19.2 Latest Experimental Steam version, not A19.1(b8) Latest Stable.
  12. This isn't isolated. I just installed a fresh copy of 7D2D, 7D2D Mod Launcher, DF Mod and got the same instantiation error. Game hangs on initial launch at "Building Environment". Suggestions? Log file attached. New_Text_Document.txt
  13. Hi there, Just started using Nitrogen - it's great! However, I am getting a few warnings in the console about some POIs not found. I used the switch Compo42 in the Nitrogen generator but installed CompoPack_43 (by the way, I generated the world without CompoPack installed, then installed CP). Any ideas?
  14. Go here: D:\7D2D\Alpha18\Darkness_Falls\Darkness_Falls\Data \Worlds\DFalls-Medium3\preview ... is where you find the preview .png files for the Medium-3 but I only see previews for the Mediums. Curious - might be that Medium was generated on Nitrogen?
  15. Thanks Khaine. So I figured that the best source of demons was a demon portal in wasteland. However, I found one and it's empty. Nothing is spawning. What is the intent of the portals?
  16. Thanks Khaine - what about the gyrocopter. It appears DF has the two main gyro pieces as loot-only. Can you comment on rarity and/or source for these?
  17. Thanks Khaine. Solar panels & cells - are these in the game/mod? If so, how to obtain?
  18. How do you gather sap or otherwise make a bowl of sap? Also, does gathering more than 1 from a crop require the crop to have grown on a farm plot?
  19. Regarding the Technology Now! book, place it in your hotbar to read.
  20. Power armor - says grants immunity to most radiation. I assumed this was similar to the Hazmat items. Can the Power armor and Hazmat pieces be mixed to provide radiation protection? It appears you cannot: Power Armor boots with the rest of the hazmat does not grant radiation protection. Feature or bug? Frustrating if feature. Also - I have noticed that trader plots are empty when compared to the MapPreview. Plots shown in pink the preview are traders. When I go to some of those locations in the game, there is nothing there, but an outline where the trader should be on the mini-map. Bug?
  21. Hi Khaine - thanks again for the great mod. On day 50 now and level 95. I've been through 3 main Crack-a-books and 2 Retirement Homes and still have only located 7 Research Notes. Seems they drop off research ladies, hazmat guys and sometimes soldiers. I am playing on Dfalls-Medium3. I notice this map (and maybe others) are different in that they have circles of wasteland biome instead of a normal wasteland biome. I also cannot locate too much burnt biome to search for the bunkers. Haven't seen a single Eve to pick up the quest yet. Any hints on: 1. Research notes? I think this is linked to #2 below, the bunkers seemed to have the notes commonly in loot. 2. Location of Eve and/or the small bunker. When looking at the map image "preview" - what color are the bunkers? Seems the traders are pink. Thanks again!
  22. My frames are frequently in the yellow now. It seems to be a POI but I cannot pinpoint which one. Also, the wandering traders disappeared around day 5-6 and I am now on Day 32 - haven't seen the Wandering Traders since. Help!
  23. On game start, Task Manager returns 10.2GB for 7DaysToDie.exe and I have page file set to a value of 16,000 MB. After being in the game for ~20 minutes, Task Manager returns 3.2GB for the .exe. Any idea why Wandering Traders and Trader Guards have disappeared?
  24. Thanks Khaine, but this is not it. I have i7700 with GTX1060 and 16Gb RAM on SSD. Map is taking only 5GB when fully loaded and running from Task Manager in Windows 10. On day 6. Traders randomly disappear. Wandering traders seem to disappear permanently. Trader guards - half of them have disappeared. Comments?
  25. Getting severe FPS hit in A18. At first trader, FPS dropping to single digits. On Vanilla (albeit different location/map) can run solid FPS 60 with VSYNC on. i am using the DF-medium-3 map. The FPS is so low I don't want to play :/ Thanks if you can help!
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