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Hey guys my previous post was moved but can’t seem to find it on the forum so reposting it...



hey guys im trying to make a height map from a image I got off google maps (not excactly google maps but you get the idea)


the heightmap photo I have was from



set to 18km


by the looks of the image it looks pretty smooth but ive tried to get it to load the map so I can check its ready for smoothall command and it just opens the command console with an error stuck on initializing and that the game reverts back to a17 so I looked into the nav map files and saw its height map isn't greyscale (unless I looked at the wrong thing), can anyone help me figure out a way to convert my heightmap to the colours now being used by A18? (again unless I looked at the wrong thing)


any help would be great as this map will be used in my server along with a few of my local towns/ villages with most towns using the games prefabs


I am debating making the map bigger than 18km but just want to get this size of map running before I tackle anything bigger or even think of anything bigger


also while im at it would be great if some modders can also help me create/ donate/ point me in the right direction of any mods already created for my server, my idea for it is a big undertaking for just myself but I think itll be truly unique and very enjoyable hoping to add more depth for fans of 7D2D


many thanks

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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