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  1. Are you a pvp player looking to join a unique server with end game that’s still a challenge? Come give my server a go, No download needed just join and play Mods: All roll up doors as a powered version you can craft Minigun Fire staff and lightning staff Kino der toten poi (clear and restore power quests) Origins poi (clear and restore power quests) All zeds can be a giant or spider Titan zombies for very advanced high level teams (more info on this upon request) Snufkins server side zombies (tweaked OP zeds to hordes over game stage 100 only. This is still ongoing with feedback from my server community) Expanded power options which includes, 3000w generator, 6000w generator, 6000w solar bank array, 6000w slow charge battery banks, 6000w fast charge battery banks, fusebox wire relays for invisible cables, offset doors, offset turrets, powered player version of poi lights including offset versions Variant helper blocks added to all my blocks of the same type for easy craft and selection And much more Server name: no holds barred Server location: U.K. IP: PORT: 26902 DISCORD: https://discord.gg/D5jy8Yx
  2. no holds barred the 24/7 UK based server port: 26902 (may change in a20 as causes issues with world editor) ip: looking for a fun challenging and dynamic server with a great growing community? why not give us a go. why you may ask? please note: we have a lot to offer both existing, for A20 and the pipeline so please bare with our post plus our discord is at the bottom where you can get any additional info from the community (replies can be slow) the server is modded for both server side and just one single download required for ease to the player before i get to the server side mods and settings ill mention the mod you shall need bdubs vehicles A19: this mod gives assess to more custom vehicles from motor cycles to American muscle, commercial to military. its all there with a custom trader to go with it i can give a couple how to guides which is easy to use server side mods : we have a whole set of spider zombies meaning any regular sized zombie could be a spider we also have giants giving the server a list of over 300 entities to throw at the player extended animal types. all animals have a radiated and aura/ elite radiated variant just like all the zombies and giants too, their temperament shall remain a mystery progression has been overhauled so players don't get bombarded with these stronger zombies and scales like the vanilla zombies so when you reach a godly level 300 it wont become a walk in the park (this updates the more its used and as groups of players reach a combined game stage and is then expanded on due to the sheer scale involved) snufkins server side vehicles shall be in A20 ready for a new map poi's A20: we are working on a set of poi's which will be exclusive to our server and are as follows. (in the works, complete and future additions) BO1 kino der toten: ever wanted to play kino in 7 days then here it is scaled and built as accurately as possible. BO2 origins: this poi is one of the biggest with plenty of loot but one of the most dangerous, a projected T6 poi possibly holding the server side elemental staffs. (if the modding allows) BO2 buried: possibly after a A20 wipe. BO der eisendrache: again possibly after a A20 wipe. BO2 mob of the dead: same as last two. lectricall wholesalers: i have recreated a destroyed and trader poi of my local electrical wholesalers, the destroyed version is a T6 loot haven of death my home hamlet: players will have a chance to stumble across the server owners home in the country side made to be as accurate as the game will allow, houses are few with a single pub, visit, loot, enjoy. simple prison escape for new players: already exists returning players prison escape: this is a more involved poi, upon entering the wiped server returning players will be given a chat code to teleport them to this poi. sneak, run kill your way through before jumping into a sea of abyss and scrambling to shore to build your raft to escape prison island. not a poi but relevant: this would be a arranged community horde base where agreed players not wanting to be allies but want to occasionally fair their chances at a horde with the titans can get together build and attempt to survive more and others: builds not forgotten: when this server wipes players builds get taken into prefabs with edited damage or damage caused by the attack of the titans end game prior to wipes but made to look more aesthetically pleasing, this is all part of a return home quest in which the player/ team will come back to a battered bandit looted base infested with the dead that needs to be cleared out. it extends from the returning player prison escape along the standard quests all players go through the ever changing nature of the server: we aim to keep things fresh and ask our community their opinion on what admin can do to make things better, ideas the server owner has to expand the server and bring in new content as much as possible titans: these are huge radiated wights of terror, they specialise in ranged explosive vomit are slow but very very strong (their plan for existence is to give up radiation to survive, i.e radiated explodes to normal, normal explodes to titan crawler before dropping titan loot. however until i figure out a way to get this to work you'll only see one at a time) you can also see them in hordes IF your team or party is big enough more about us: were a small community but growing and aim to be a popular server of fun PVP players. hackers tend to skip us due to the need of a downloaded mod which gives some security, but should a attack happen were well backed up to combat it, the server backups are hourly, admin has access to the server and its manager via in game, discord and steam link. server data is backed up in a separate internal drive plus a over wifi vault. the system is a local setup upon my own gaming rig using a i9 9900k with 48gb ram (soon to be 64gb), dedicated nvme m.2 500gb drive with 1tb hdd to hold our internal backups finally server settings: more info available in discord zed speeds: day walk, night and feral sprint, horde nightmare claims: 6 per player, 41X41 size, 30 dead zone, online 16X, offline 40X loot: 200 xp:180 hordes: max 100 in game, 10 zeds per player, 8 days horde interval, deviation of 3 days, warning at 10am discord: https://discord.gg/D5jy8Yx
  3. ill give it a try after work tomorrow and let you guys know how i get on
  4. that is a possibility i have the out of date one, but the folder is badged up as a19 25th feb 2021
  5. i do have a few mods running bdubs vehicles, zombies plus ( modded to work with a19 plus many of my own additions), the new world order which is a overhaul that im making and currently has a error in the progression xml, fire arms expansion 3.1, weapons a19, snufkin custom zombies, dp power expansion and the mod in question these are the errors given to me in the logs 2021-04-27T20:08:57 725.707 ERR Vehicle properties for 'army truck' not found! Non-convex MeshCollider with non-kinematic Rigidbody is no longer supported since Unity 5. If you want to use a non-convex mesh either make the Rigidbody kinematic or remove the Rigidbody component. Scene hierarchy path "Entities/Cars/Army Truck_207/Physics/Box1/tempPrefab_armyTruckPrefab/armyTruck", Mesh asset path "" Mesh name "army_truck_collider" (Filename: Line: 0) 2021-04-27T20:08:59 727.379 INF Time: 1.85m FPS: 47.13 Heap: 1220.5MB Max: 1220.5MB Chunks: 240 CGO: 151 Ply: 1 Zom: 2 Ent: 5 (5) Items: 0 CO: 1 RSS: 6160.5MB 2021-04-27T20:09:07 735.725 INF VehicleManager saving 1 (1 / 0) NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object at Vehicle.GetHornSoundName () [0x00000] in <8acc464c86d74c55af84c07a2c0049a6>:0 at Vehicle.HasHorn () [0x00000] in <8acc464c86d74c55af84c07a2c0049a6>:0 at EntityVehicle.GetActivationCommands (Vector3i _tePos, EntityAlive _entityFocusing) [0x001ce] in <8acc464c86d74c55af84c07a2c0049a6>:0 at PlayerMoveController.Update () [0x01dfa] in <8acc464c86d74c55af84c07a2c0049a6>:0 2021-04-27T19:58:06 74.599 WRN XML patch for "XUi/windows.xml" from mod "CustonVehicles" did not apply: <set xpath="/windows/window[@name='windowVehicleStorage']/grid[@name='inventory']/@rows" 2021-04-27T19:58:06 74.599 WRN XML patch for "XUi/windows.xml" from mod "CustonVehicles" did not apply: <set xpath="/windows/window[@name='windowVehicleStorage']/grid[@name='inventory']/@cols"
  6. im having trouble getting the mod to work, im using 19.4 (b7) and i keep getting a console error trying to interact with it, placing isnt a issue has anyone else experienced this or knows a fix?
  7. Hey guys this mod looks awesome Currently I am building a dedi server out of a dell t7400 calling it the new order and this is a mod I would like to use with some additions with your permission that is and some advice on creation of models ect I can list the additions if you would like me to
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