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[Suggestion] Time to go pee pee


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I've always found the resource I battle with the most is Potassium Nitrate. Now that's probably on me but I heard something interesting recently. In bygone times urine was used as a source of Potassium Nitrate in wartime for gun powder production. Sounded strange but I did some checking and it's legit.




There are actually many uses for urine and I think it would be interesting to add that mechanic to the game. Here is a few ideas:


Potassium Nitrate

Chem Station

  • Urine
  • Murky Water
  • Coal
  • Plant Fibers


Urine Water

Like Murky Water


Bottled Water

Fire Pit / Chem Station

  • Urine Water


Leather Tanning?

Leather has a 1 to 1 ratio with animal skin at the moment which I always felt strange. Then abundant....smacks couch



Immune Booster?

Dye Fixative?


I think it makes sense to part of a survival game. Plus if you hate yourself you can force yourself to pee and dehydrate your character. Everyone can get their kicks! :chuncky:


Add your own 2 cents and ideas. Keen to hear your opinions.

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Don't want to piss on your parade :fat:, but the underground is filled with nitrate mines.


Just go around with open eyes and put a flag on the map for any deposits you see even if you don't need them yet. None of the mineable resources will ever be more than a pickaxe away.


Not that your idea isn't cute. But I think the scarcity you experience is a very personal battle of yours. :cocksure:

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