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Bladed weapons in A18 or in the future


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TLDR just asking if the devs have stated more bladed weapons coming in the future before I post in the suggestions/feedback/pipedream forum


I'm really enjoying A18. as much as I'm getting hit in melee now, I do think its a step in the right direction. A18 also saw a good deal of new weapons something I hope continues. I've always felt missing is an actual sword. Right now the majority of bladed weapons aren't even primarily weapons but animal harvesting tools. The end game currently being a machete. Even as a loot only or schematic only, an actual sword would be awesome- for design purposes I believe a two handed sword would be specifically nice. The last two perks of deep cuts even sort of hint at swords with mentions of samurai. So in conclusion, have any devs mentioned more bladed weapons coming in the future?


In addition Iron swords can and did exist (although not as effective obviously as steel).

it just seems a shame that there is in general a lack of bladed actual weapons. Even the top tier isn't really a weapon but a tool designed to clear plants.



(keep in mind I'm fully aware of mods that can fill this void) I just think at least one of the options for blade users should be an actual weapon and not primarily a tool.)


I'm also aware of the similarities of a machete to a short sword, but there are differences- mainly in design of use. You can use a wrench or hammer as more or less a club- and while it works, having an actual club designed for combat is better. Machetes can be used as a weapon- but like a hammer or wrench, it isn't designed for it.

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We can make advanced items (perfectly shaped bullet casings free from defects) I see no reason we couldn't use Forged steel to cast a short sword (useful in small spaces, Zweihanders would be too big {2 handed swords})


could drop the machete damage a bit to make it more in line with the middle rank of weapons (bone shiv becomes a non "weapon" but is still useful as a harvest tool) it would go like this (Hunting knife, Machete, and then the Short Sword) maybe the hunting knife could be made from scrap instead of the forge, switch machete to forged iron...


normal attack is a simple swipe, power attack could borrow from the spear as a forward thrust, or the machete for the harder swipe

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yeah when I mentioned two handed swords I was thinking less zweihaders claymores and greatswords and more Katana/ hand & half swords. I agree that swords of that size wouldn't fit with the game. As far as placement goes, I think an interesting solution would be to make the actual sword schematic only and/or requiring deep cuts 4 or 5 and then move the machete to being not craftable but found in the world.

requiring deep cuts 4 or 5 represents the experience or technique necessary to cut with a blade.

Machete's would still be a high end weapon found in the world where as swords would be the mark of an expert.


This same sort of organization could actually be used with all weapon and even tool groups too.

Essentially going primitive, basic, expert, specialized.

blades: bone shiv, iron knife, machete, sword

clubs: wood, Iron, baseball bat, Mace

heavy: stone, iron, steel, warhammer( or flail)

Spears: stone, iron, steel, pike(or other weaponized polearm)

(honestly feel like the stun baton fits under club and the electric aspect should be a mod and the int level instead increases effectiveness of mods)

The idea being that in order to use the specialized version of most to use will require knowledge in using that weapon however will do much less block damage (or take increased durability damage when hitting non entitys) as the trade off from say tier 3.

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With a firemans magazine the fireaxe gets a lil bit of damage love but not sure how much or if it is also affected by the blade skills. Should be though.


Blade could use another weapon or two or some of the ones present made more viable. Personally I think CHAINSAW needs to fall under the blade skill, let it be a no knockdown alternative to the sledge. Let it benefit from all blade skills and mods. Give it the highest damage in the game for melee weapons. BUT its noisy as all hell so 0 stealth (but great for horde night), and it requires fefueling. Lets add chainsaws to the blade skill tree and mod those suckers up. I want a "blade extender" for machete's and chainsaws, get that sucker a 32 inch bar and go full Leatherface on horde night.

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Yea chainsaws...you could tweak them even so when you have a chainsaw out with fuel in it, it constantly makes a bit of noise and wakes up/alerts zeds in the immediate area. So like 0 Stealth even when not being used. Make the start up of the chainsaw when you switch to it take a few seconds as you choke it, prime it, start it and rev it before you can use it (like a real chainsaw, it can be started in 3-5 seconds but its not instant) so no sneaking around with it ready to go by switching gear like at all. And lastly have it add to the heat of the cell you are in every few seconds, not a lot maybe. Like you were carrying around a running forge, eventually with enough combat you would have a horde/screamer show up wondering what all the noise was about.


But the trade off would be you are lopping off limbs like nobodies business.


I vote for Chainsaw guys to be made a honorary blade weapon.

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Katana would be nice, but maybe it should be loot only. It takes legendary skill to craft.

The machete we have now is a combat/survival version of the farming tool, it is the 7DTD shortsword, very similar to the famous Gurkha Kukri.


Chainsaw as melee would add to the Army of Darkness silliness direction the game has gone to with the 4x4, motorcycle and steel knuckles designs. Why not? But then I would love to have the kilo-zapp-gun as well. It would fit right in, a ridiculous-caliber monster with spikes attached all over. "It has to look mean, add more spikes"

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