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  1. Hi everyone, had to do a total wipe of everything PC related, so I have nothing on my new hard drive except what it needs to run, But when I downloaded 7dtd, it won't load with EAC, it says its not downloaded (which I assumed it would start with since its integral for online play etc) so I need to know what I fudged up when I reinstalled =/
  2. Father of 2 girls myself, Little Gremlins the lot, Happy Fathers day to all current, past and future Dads (And all those Single Moms out there pulling double duty)
  3. I would love this, would make books once again, even more worthwhile to track down, or a skill (like cartography, which sounds like a perception perk) Rank 1 of 3 (Mini map only shows T1 POI's you've cleared) Rank 2 of 3 (mini map shows T2/3 POI's and your general path discovered, small radius "fog" clearing around traveled areas) Rank 3 of 3 ( Mini map "fog" clears in larger radius, and T4/5 buildings "surface" despite "fog" and all traders become discovered) {you can find T4/5s even if you've never walked by them} fog- refers to the map being covered at the beginning and you clear it by traveling
  4. When I have a t3 iron axe, pickaxe and hammer or better until then its all about how easy it is to repair, usually by the time I have all 3 at tier 3, I can easily repair the new tools
  5. that doesn't sound like a bug, but a strategy for raiding, in which case that's a server problem not a game issue...flying above a structure to drop in, therefore avoiding traps and unbreakable/hard to break blocks is not a bug....
  6. carry a stack of signs and arrow blocks, my mines have , in order from top to bottom (think a 3 part totem pole) Torch/Arrow/sign yes its a hassle, and yes it may not be practical, but it saves confusion in larger mines and construction areas
  7. penetrator can set em off, best to aim for the heads, and take out demos first even if walls are taking damage from normal z's, eliminate the chance of another zombie smacking the button themselves
  8. Screamer Tier 1 (same white dress, long black hair combo) > Horde caller Screamer Tier 2 (White dress, brunette/blonde) > Animal caller (Dire Wolves/Dogs/Bears/Z-Bears) Screamer Tier 3 (Black dress and Redhead) > Deafened debuff (causes a drunken effect for 30 seconds {That also mutes sound almost totally} and calls in a horde based on your gamestage) [This horde starts immediately, not after a timer] would be fun to see these kinds of things, but i doubt they would be added
  9. Trying to come up with a viable way to create an interesting game mode (RE style) my rules so far: 1: Light armor only (Military vest is as close to police style gear, but no armor to start) 2: Pistol to start (T1 with a full clip and enough to refill once) 3: Loot % at 50% for the first week, then it's down to 25% forever 4: Level 25, if I haven't found a pump shotgun, I can spawn a T1 with just 1 clips worth of ammo 5: Level 50 I can spawn in a rocket launcher, but only 2 rockets (considered boss ammo) 6: I can only store items in End OF Dungeon chests (EG: Reinforced chests/hardened large chests) to simulate the storage boxes of the RE franchise 7: I must travel on foot always (unless a quest takes me to the next town, in which case a 4X4 will be spawned with fuel and scrapped upon mission completion*) (*When I turn in the quest) 8: No junk turret except on horde night, unless I unlock smg/shotgun turrets, in which case junk turrets are no longer usable 9: Zombies will be set to walk during the day and night, but spawn rates will be increased heavily 10: damage to bodies has been modified to do 10% of usual, while headshots will do 200%, so aiming for the head is a must Map style: Nitrogen built (as close to 20% forested, 20% burned forest, 40% city and 20% wasteland as possible, no desert as shale won't be a need as hoofing it is the majority usage) This is literally the bare bones idea im working with, and I'd like any ideas/input to make this as fun and challenging as possible. Personal spin/flair encouraged
  10. Steam name: Jwilson1621 AKA Synvastian Hours played: 548 hours Started on Alpha: I'm not sure, could have been a15 or 16 but i played very little at first, so I consider a17 my start Discord name: Synvastian #2608 Native language: English, sarcasm and dry wit
  11. Isn't the wasteland the only biome with diamond nodes? Not a huge draw, but it would make mining more profitable, although much more harrowing as enemies would be a constant threat.
  12. I think its first: number of posts, reputation based on posts, and then popularity of posts within posted topics (this is 100% guesswork, only a mod knows with any certainty)
  13. buried treasures until night first 2 days, gathering small bits of supplies as I pass trash/cars, cut a tree around 3:30am every morning so its lights out around the time im done...by day 3 im finding a permanent home and potential hordebase
  14. and this...is why the filter exists...so Roland stays in his cave an away from decent people....of which I am NOT one
  15. were you using a LCB? I hear they can't spawn at all within the bounds of an LCB even on horde night
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