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  1. There seems to be a "wonder" loot chance even at early stages where if you open enough stuff one is bound to be useful, but mostly garbage early game...better to just start making cobblestone and upgrading a POI/horde base to escape early loot stages imo
  2. Damn....I leave for 3 months without checking in and Roland is still swinging like a champ, people are still complaining about stealth (I was too, so don't think i'm immune to backlash lol) I've played a few hrs recently and noticed stealth still has issues, auto trigger rooms suck but are manageable with a thief mentality ("when in doubt know your way out", blind corners and a couple floor explosives if need be) but normal POIs are easy as heck with full cloth/stealth boots/machete/bow...playing only on nightmare/always run and doing POIs at night with either a helmet light or NVGs if im lucky is my favorite way to play...they aren't any harder at night than day so the low visibility is actually helpful
  3. There does seem to be a disparity in my actions in a day and how often food needs to be taken in...idk if its a balance issue, or just something I need to adjust to (Warrior,day jog zeds, fist fighter, 1 pt in iron gut) I feel like I eat waaay too often, and I get that maybe in the past we (players) weren't eating enough for balance, but this feels like we swung to far in the opposite direction don't get me wrong, its survivable, but it is a bigger hurdle than it ever was before in my experience (a15-now) and on that not, being a "fort" build, I would like to see a little tiny bit more normal regen after losing the "max health heal" regen due to recent changes...but thats just me
  4. penetrator can set em off, best to aim for the heads, and take out demos first even if walls are taking damage from normal z's, eliminate the chance of another zombie smacking the button themselves
  5. buried treasures until night first 2 days, gathering small bits of supplies as I pass trash/cars, cut a tree around 3:30am every morning so its lights out around the time im done...by day 3 im finding a permanent home and potential hordebase
  6. ^this guy is 100% correct, you have the option to make water from dirty water from the very moment you spawn into the game (have the recipe) so once you have a cooking pot and a campfire you can make clean water
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