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2 Part Question - Custom Blocks (Unity) + Painting Textures


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I'm learning the tricks to create custom blocks (just cubes, for now) in Unity for use in 7 Days. The default cube in Unity seems to be a bit shorter in height than the ingame block is but is the same otherwise, depth and width. What size do I need to make the cube in Unity to be an exact fit?


UPDATED: I figured out the issue with the above question^^^ I had a line in the block that inverted the default placement. Removed that line and they all line up correctly now.



The reason I'm creating the custom blocks is because of the painting textures being subpar and neglected. Is there not a way to make painting textures using Unity and creating a unity3d file and have the painting.xml read from there like you can do with blocks, etc.? I find it odd that everything else can be completely manipulated and changed up but there is no way to add an array of custom painting textures.


Shout out to the modders who have setup tutorials and tools to make it possible to mod! I've been watching the How-To videos and reading up a lot on how to import unity assets into the game. I'm a total noob with Unity but thanks to the tutorials and looking through the xmls of various mods, I can now create custom blocks and import them into the game. I need a lot more practice but I can do it!:smile-new:

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