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  1. Appreciate your work. You're one of the best out there my dude!👍
  2. Appreciate the info. I may play around and see how quick I go from "I got this!" to "I fkn hate life and everything in it!" lol
  3. Thanks! What do you use to edit and compile?
  4. This is just a quick fix that removes the 2nd toolbelt from the UI so you can use this mod. I haven't done much testing other than to make sure the toolbelt was removed. Should work until the mod is updated. If not, I tried, lol. Just extract, throw the folder into your Mods folder and good to go. O92 2nd Toolbelt Removal.rar
  5. For this particular mod file: If you have the game installed in the default location then this is the path: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\7 Days To Die\7DaysToDie_Data\Managed If not, it'll still be: YOUR PATH TO GAME FOLDER HERE\7 Days To Die\7DaysToDie_Data\Managed I recommend backing up the default file before installing this one just for safety measures and for when/if you wanna go back to default. You'll also need to start the game with EAC off as well.
  6. So, I am working on a personalized UI and have been trying to figure it all out for myself. I have run into an issue though with one of the settings I am trying to display on the HUD. I am trying to get the player mobility stat to display on there but I can't figure out what call to use to have it display, if it's even possible. I managed to get the player level displayed even though I never say a clear call for it. I just randomly tried {playerlevel} and it worked. I've tried all sorts of variations to try to get it to display the Mobility % and nothing is working. Any help with if it is even possible would be great, thanks! Here's the code I have for Player Level. This is basically what I have used to add various things to the HUD. I just change the positioning and 'text={playerlevel}' entry to the appropriate stat. I just can't figure it out for displaying the Mobility % stat. <append xpath="/windows/window[@name='HUDLeftStatBars']"> <rect name="hud" pos="9,156" rows="2" cols="1" width="168" side="right"> <rect width="91" height="17" pos="1202,-149" controller="PlayerStatsWindow" stat_type="{showcore}" visible="{statvisible}" rotation="90" > <sprite depth="6" name="Icon" color="[white]" sprite="ui_game_symbol_check" size="13,13" pos="104,35" foregroundlayer="true" rotation="-90" /> <label depth="6" name="TextContent" pos="108,-29" font_size="18" color="[white]" justify="center" pivot="topright" text="{playerlevel}" height="35" rotation="-90" /> </rect> </rect> </append> Even though the code may be a mess, it still works how I want it to and I plan to tidy things up later, if needed.
  7. No problem. I tried the download link for your newest release and it throws an error. Gonna post a working link for your newest release so others will be able to snag your goods until you fix the link issue. Hope you don't mind. https://codeload.github.com/XelaNull/7dtd-Modlets/zip/master
  8. Change 'foodCropMushrooms' to 'mushroom01' and it should work.
  9. I've been wanting to do up an E to Pickup but don't have to now, thanks! I did notice that there is a warning on loading about one of the mushroom entries. Says it didn't apply the patch to the entry with 'foodCropMushrooms' so not sure that entry is needed since you can still pick mushrooms up? No biggy, everything still works. Just wanted to pass along what I saw.
  10. Thanks for the reply and feel better dude!
  11. Been running the DFalls-Small3 world and never found a vein of anything but lead. Dug in pine forest biome, desert and wasteland. I was in all biomes busting rocks to see if maybe iron was more plentiful in one biome than another and none of them had anymore iron than the others. Weird, maybe there was a hiccup. Have you made it to the Research Lab to see if the containers are working for you? Thanks for the feedback!
  12. This is my favorite mod to date. Thanks for all the work you and the others have put into it, appreciate it! I've briefly scanned through the forum here to see if I could see similar posts to what I am about to type but I haven't as of yet, so.... It's worth noting that I am using A18.1 (b8). That could be why I am having some of the issues? I have been testing out the DF A18 build and have found a few issues. 1 - On the Laborer Class quest chain, it says to craft an Iron Reinforced Club but then the actual item that it tells you to craft is a Wooden Club. Not a big deal but just wanted to make you aware in case nobody else has. 2 - Unless you have changed the way that the SciFi lockers and storage chests are accessed, they are inaccessible (attached a screen of what I see). All it displays is the container name. 3 - Iron is a bitch to find. Is that intentional or am I blind and not looking in the right places? It seems that 90% of all rocks have lead and then 9% other materials and 1% have iron. A bit exaggerated, yes, but you get what I'm trying to say, lol. Keep up the awesome work dude!!!
  13. Thanks for the quick fix along with the modlet itself! Gonna go test this sucker out:smile-new:
  14. A17 download link seems to be broken? Tried several ways to download and it either doesn't like me or I'm doing it wrong. Both are very valid reasons;-) Also: A18 link worked fine.
  15. Have you tried getting rid of the tree that is right by it? I'd try that and also try digging a hole in the ground and placing some blocks there to see if it makes it go away. I've never seen that before and also agree that it is pretty cool, lol.
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