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New Zombie Types! and Special zombies

Adam the Waster

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So this is some new Zombie Ideas I had and lets go over a small change


Zombies would have Random walking/Running animations so it doesn't look copy paste


Zombies would Hunt and Eat animals and eat them


New Zombies Normal


Infected Father. wears a old flannel and jeans and one of his shoes is missing


Business woman zombie: looks like she's wearing a suit and tie but has a black skirt


Female Biker: where's goth clothes and a old tank top and has a Mohawk.


Hungry male zombie: Has no shirt he's REALLY FAT and is kinda tanky


Rotten Waiter Male and female: they look like people who worked in a old Dinner


Puttied Male: looks like a very Decomposed Person in a Jacket and torn up Pants and has no shoes


Departed Male: Looks like a Person who Has a old skull cap Boots, and a ripped shirt


Infected Cadet: a Solder not wearing armor but still wearing his BDU's


Infected Pilot: looks like a helicopter pilot that was infected


Zombie Dr and Scientists male: they looks like Infected the opposite of the nurse and Scientist.


Female Old timer: looks like a zombie Grandma sounds as strong as you think


Reanimated Priest: wears priest cloths and has a cross chain on his neck


Plagued Student male and female: they where coats with a Z U on it (Zombie university) like the Football players. and have old back packs on.


ravaged Corpse: has no cloths and looks raw to the bone with a skull with eyes in it you can't tell who they were and what they were.


Fallen officer: A zombie wearing Cop Cloths but dosnt have range attack but has a vest and belt with his gear. he stronger then a average zombie


FALLEN White River Scout male and female: they wear armor female wares a reinforced with a hood on there head and the male wears a vest and a skull cap


Lost Currier: a part of white river that has fallen to the virus and he carry's the cargo in his bag that the traders need. part of quest.


Risen Male: has no shirt no shoes but has some shorts


Lost campers: male and female they both wear Jackets but the male has a old backpack and a baseball cap

and the female has a skull cap


Ravaged hobo male and female: they wear baggy cloths and have messed up hair and have a ton of blood


New Special zombies


Obese Walker: Stage one of a behemoth zombie he His So fat That he has to walk in a 2 by 2 wide Hall, he wears some small Shorts and Has A ton of Fat and his Face and nose is Gone and can Spray puke Like a hose but not for long range.


Fallen Swat: A Swat Team Trooper That has been infected and is covered Head to toe in Riot Gear because of that he in nearly Bulletproof but doesn't mean he's he Unkillable, he is Weak to melee attack and if he Falls over he Take a awhile to get up. but Stuff like Explosives and fire can still Kill Him.


Ravaged Firefighter: A firefighter that burned a Fire and was infected, has a look of a buried Victim but where's a firefighter Suit and is Almost fireProof. But his chest is inflated with tons of Gas from decommission and if the gas is Exposed he will blow up in a ball of fire witch acts like a molotov.


Rabited Parcorest: this zombie is wearing a Hoodie and Jeans with Padding and duct tape on his Sleeve, this zombies can Climb walls and Jump from Place to Place with Speed.


Rotten Athlete: this zombie is wearing a headband a Tank top ,shorts and Running shoes. This Zombie is very Fast and can Jump high and Far and Can Outrun a Motorcycle but is Kinda Weak.


Lost Hunter: This Zombie is Wearing a Bloody set of Ghillie and uses More Stealth to atack. able to Run on 2 or 4 legs and Can pounce on you to stun you


Infected BodyBuilder: a Mini Behemoth this Big lade Has arms and legs to put the tank from L4D to shame , he has the Health of 6 zombie Bears and is very dangerous, While he cant cause Bleed he Can Cause Blunt force trauma and Stun, but he not the smartest and the best way to kill him is Breaking his Legs and finishing off.


Trapped Inmate: A prisoner that tried to escape and failed but this zombie is covered in barbed wire and and is immune to its effects and can Cause bleed more often


NightProwler: this very Mutated Zombie only comes out at night and has 3 Sharp Claws and 2 Glowing red Eyes and make a loud breathing , when engaged they Jump at you and try to tear you apart. but if there's Light Like Fire, street Lamp or a flashlight. they will avoid it and will be slow down and become weaker when in light. so you can kill them. Later in the Game you will hunt hes For a Good amount of XP.


Fallen Survivalist: This zombie looks like a feral but he's wearing Scrap and leather armor and he is Armored but when Attacking he will Doug , weave and Role from your melee Attacks. but this could go in your Favor because he could role off a building or into your Hit.


Feral Child: this zombie looks like a feral but child Size and has Blood in his Chest and Eyes. they are very weak but if close to death hey can scream and Lure nearby zombies . but the scream will kill it.


Patient zero: this zombie Has his Skin Blood Color, and is wearing a Patient Gown and has tumors and stuff all over him, when he attacks you he can give you a "plague" that makes you lose XP slowly , For get Skill Temporally and Lower your HP and Stamina by Half. but can be cured.


Zombie Wolf: a Much Stronger Version of the Zombie Dog but its Slower. can howl to attract nearby zombies


Crazed Inmate: This Zombie is In a Straitjacket and because of that he can't use his arms but he can bite. but he Can Charge at you and destroy Traps while doing it. he can instantly destroy wooden spikes and Barbed wire but nothing else.


Ville Walker: This zombie is very decayed looking you can't tell who or what they were. with Gengreen , and many other infections and god knows what. this zombie also emits a Horrific Smell and due to this smell it can disorient and make you lose your lunch, but zombies love this smell so any zombie follows like a parade and if it dies it can lure even more zombies. and god help you if he scratches you most people don't die from his hands but from the infection it cause. while not as advance as the plague. its more fatal.


Reaver: This zombie is Very Radioactive to the Point where you can see his bones, and emits Radiation and can heal nearby zombies and to revive the dead.


New Variants


Starved: Looks more Skinny almost to the bone there faster and deal more damage. but hey are Easy to Cripple, and have Low HP


Frozen: MORE Health and have a Blue Tint on their skin. but they are Slow


Plagued: these Zombies lost all their Hair, Have a Blood Colored Skin with Veins showing, and have a Chance to infect you with Plague. but have lower HP.


Mutated: they have Bone Protruding and lose a lot of who they were and Have natural armor. but are much slower plus they have the face and teeth of a feral


Radioactive Change: same Hp but they heal themselves and other zombies and deal Radiation Damage.




Crawler Looks like a Human without the skin and is just Muscle


Hazmat: Give Radiation damage


Cop: if you Shoot his stomach his Stomach will Pop and won't be able to blow up. and there will be the Cop and a different Model of him in A army BDU and acts the same just a new look


Zombie Dog: new Look


Also bonuses types!

Infected Bandit: has iron and scrap armor its face is nearly unrecognizable and his gantlets head is armored( acts like infected survivalist


Feral Mudman: this zombie lives in the swamps and lakes and rivers and he looks like a feral but he is covered in mud and Plants and he runs really fast in the water and he can fling Mud at people to blind you dose not do damage


Drowned victim: this zombie looks like a old Fisherman with overalls and but is covered in mud and he kinda Fat. but he can Vomit Mud out and can blind you and found in the water and swamps


Rooted walker: THIS zombie looks like a Stereotypical Hillbilly but he is covered in mud and Plants are growing out of him like poison Ive , mushrooms and more. he can poison you and weaken you with the Ive which lowers your fortitude. found in the woods and swamps


Mutated Feral Wight: This guy has bone's growing out of his shoulders , knees , skull and back and has sharp Claws and is the evolution of the "Night prowler" how ever he is blind due to the bone and his eyes are gone. but he his very deadly the slight sound he will go mental even killing other zombies.


Starved Husk male and female: these zombies live in caves and deserts but can appear anywhere looking skinny to the point of the tibia and filial are showing they borrow in the sand and sleep they are very fast but weak

this is also the main zombie type called: STARVED (blank)


Brute: this zombie is around 7 feet tail and is the early game behemoth! normal has around 1000 hp but the radioactive has 5000 hp


Mutant Dire bear!. imagine a bear around 9 feet tall and has arms that are big and wide as a car!


lets say hes not anything you really want to fight!







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Nice list of ideas. If TFP wants to include more zombie types, one of these would surely work nicely.


Just guessing wildy, 7D2D is almost in beta though, I doubt they will add more normal zombies, possibly 1 or 2 specials if anything at all. I would say their development efforts in A19 will go 100% to bandit models.

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yeah but its to add a bit of diversity of the Zombies like they would walk randomly , Opposite version's of zombies Like: putrid Male , zombie Bandit's etc Thxs for the response



Also i made a fan perk book https://7daystodie.com/forums/showthread.php?126321-Naveszgane-Football-League-Book-s-(FAN-MADE)



I like to try to think like a developer and think of balances and stuff. or i might just be talking out of my ares



and also some other stuff i made! https://7daystodie.com/forums/showthread.php?126184-A-Mix-Of-everything

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