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Anyway to make power attacks useful again?


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Topic, I find the stam freeze after using one extremly annoying and makes them pretty useless to use. There anyway I can mod that out? As it is now I never use power attacks as they just aren't worth it. I had more fun when I could spam them.

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I would prefer something that would still drain your stamina a fair bit, but you would regain your stamina after power attack much faster.


The only thing I found so far whilst browsing xmls is this



<buff name="buffPowerAttackStaminaStunt" icon="ui_game_symbol_run" icon_color="255,128,0" hidden="true">
	<stack_type value="replace"/>
	<duration value="3"/>
		<passive_effect name="StaminaChangeOT" operation="perc_subtract" value="1"/>
		<passive_effect name="StaminaChangeOT" operation="perc_add" value="1" tags="running"/>


Have not done any testing but somebody may have checked this out before, stamina and changes not really been looking at in the past as the pimps improved things after the initial A17 alpha for my tastes.


Ragsy !

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