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Heavy armor helmet mechanic...


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Have you ever tried to wear a googles in a helmet that isn't police riot gear helmet?


Have you ever tried to punch some iron out of a rock? MUCH MUCH MUCH harder to do than put on some ski goggles over or under a helmet.


The question is not realism here, the question is if HA helmets make sense to use with the consequences that come with them. The higher armor vales would not outweigh the rather heavy mobility hit, stamina regeneration loss AND loss of an extremely valuable equipment slot.


Game play > Balance > Immersion >>>>> realism.

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Yepper. There's already the penalty/tradeoff for wearing the heavies, we mostly miss it due the the mining hat having a bit too much base AC and making the heavyhats mostly irrelevant. Though since the mining hat lets you wear glasses, it's probably not considered heavy armor with regard to the perk, so, more penalty.




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