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  1. Disagree, existing system more correct, best items must be only in loot and quest rewards.
  2. Same thing, but new alpha is a framework for new Darkness Falls mod versions😁
  3. I playing last version for 4 days, and I must say, now it become completely imbalanced with difficulty. With previous version you was able to build something like defence till first bloodmoon, but now, only way to build something, is to put daylength to 3-5 hours, but in this case bloodmoon should be too long, and zeds destroy everything in first game hour... We're playing on server with difficulty "Survivalist", and only way to survive - use abusive mechanics, Its still impossible play normal defence, so one players swimming, another sitting on the roof etc... And its not ok, game must give
  4. Hi Khaine Currently we have two rare weapons - shotgun and hammer, and they are not repairable. I found two shotguns in my playthrough, blue and almost broken, so they looks like a bit restricted in usage. In same time we have two rare components - Demonic Essence, and Research notes, they also very rare, but after you complete quest and upgrades, they become useless... Maybe there is a reason change that weapons to repairable, and add recipe like "Hi-Tec Repair kit", with Notes and Essences as components?
  5. - Use Recog - Or find laser weapon, one shoot/hit with laser weapon stop regeneration
  6. Hello KhaineGB Lets investigate, and compare blocks.xml from 17 and 18 Alphas mod versions: A17 <block name="steelLogSpike6"> <!-- log spike 6 Steel --> <property name="Class" value="TrunkTip"/> <property name="CreativeMode" value="Dev"/> <property name="Damage" [color=#f1c40f][b]value="40"[/b][/color]/> ... </block> A18 <block name="steelLogSpike6"> <!-- log spike 6 Steel --> <property name="Class" value="TrunkTip"/> <property name="CreativeMode" value="Dev"/> <property name="Damage" [color=
  7. And again about Caitlin xD On multiplayer servers always present players, who don't care about others, and players who had used trader abuse in previous version, and try do it now... Damn, even building around titanium walls doesn't help a lot now But possibly if you adjust guards not target demons, and also demons to not target guards, it should prevent massive destruction
  8. No, Server wiped, so I'm highest level there. Demonic sleepers always in all kinds of scyscrappers, also I met them in large stores
  9. But on multiplayer server players may attract demons and cause destruction... And today I saw how it happens... And about demonic sleepers - looks like them spawn too early. I meet them from my lvl 40, maybe even earlier. One more question - ammo dissassembling miss casing, is this bug, or this is how it intended?
  10. Hi KhaineGB. With new demonic zombies regeneration, there are problem with Caitlin appears - Caitlin guards cant kill demonic zombies... I was interested how they deal with demons in 2.5, so I wait at Cait until nighttime. At night 10+ demonic spawned around base, I'd hide at roof and wait what happens. So what we have now? 3 guards shoot at demonic nurse more then minute, yes, at least they manage to kill her, but she even was not aggressive, just walking around. So, if now few zombies will be attracted at a time, trader base have no chances, and should be destroyed in a minutes...
  11. Maybe already asked, but, does log traps are more like some kind of decorating now? Deals 20dmg no matter wood, iron or steel, and do not slow movement.
  12. There are at least two differences noticed: - Advanced forge have no bulletproof glass crafting, only big forge - Cement recipe for big forge requires 12 stone, forge and advanced forge - 3 stone So I thing there are more differences, also craft window for big forge and advanced looks bugged - missed top left sidebar icons
  13. It happens when you try craft item in wrong workstation, read item description
  14. Does scalpel and microscope in loot table? I play on server with many players, and noone cant find them. Latest version of mod, day 100+
  15. Fix lockpicking perk description please, it still says about lvl 2 crafting, I just wasted 3 points into it. And in my opinion lockpicking perk without crafting recipe looks useless.
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