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  1. How what works? Hunger itself is not complicated. Your food decreases by a set amount and that amount increases whenever your character needs to regenerate stamina or is driving. After about level 30 I just start to ignore hunger for the most part. The negatives are irrelevant at that point and I can remain at starving status for an entire day without breaking a sweat. Ill just eat a bandage or 2 every 20 minutes.
  2. It is not meant to stop zeds - it damages them. The wood block you place 2 spaces in front of it is the thing that stops the zeds while the turret kills them.
  3. ^ also a good source of food recipes and that can multiply those can foods many times over.
  4. When demolishers show up they will chew through it. That is gona take awhile though.
  5. Have not really had an issue with food tbh. Most of the problems with it are overstated IMHO. First, the stamina hit is only to max stamina, not to stamina regen as far as I know so it actually does not effect mining in any shape or form. If I am mining and I get hungry it does not matter - either my stamina is continually around 0 the entire time or it is maxed and that max is not all that important. Even questing the having a slightly lower max stamina is not a huge deal. In 18, your stamina could go as low as 25% and that was a major deal, now the stamina loss is far less and can be managed. Further, starving is almost moot. The HP loss from starving is very slow and almost all of it will be healed the next time I bother to eat a proper meal. I put a single point into living off the land because that first point is OP considering it doubles the effectiveness of all farming. Never spend any other point in anything to do with food, hunting or cooking and have no problems with eating past the first few days.
  6. Meh, gear is a low priority for me. There is gear raining from the sky and for those occasional dry spells I can just craft it. Books, that is where the money is at. Those are available from the start.
  7. Always carry a healthy stack of wood frames and a few spears. You can nerdpole up 2 blocks and place frames faster than anything - including a bear or dire wolf - can destroy them. Once you have a small enough platform you can get 2 down that have been upgraded and there is nothing in game that can kill you. Last time I got jumped by a dire on day one this is how I survived and got some early meat out of the deal. Works like a charm. It is much easier if you are near any structure whatsoever. Then all you need to do is pole up 3 spaces and you become untouchable. Bears are usually not worth it early game but I am never unhappy to see any other animal early game. The meat and bones that early is really nice.
  8. Mine gets kills all the time - they are perfect for point defense. You need points in robotics to get good use out of them - dont expect them to be amazing without the investment.
  9. Please, please please no more lock picking mini games. First thing I remove from a fallout game these days - they are just to darn repetitive. The problem is the perk is not worth the points to invest in it. Like others have said, miner 69 comes with other massive benefits. Lockpicking does not. I think the frustration could be removed by simply not forcing you to start over at the 4 second mark every time - just resume from the last point like you do when it is higher. Eventually you are going to get in.
  10. To be honest, this game is quite playable as is and was worth every penny I have spent on it if the dev team closed up shop tomorrow and never released another update. I have more hours on it than virtually any other AAA title I own and would only place a few of them on par with 7 days, flaws and all. The fact it remains in alpha is basically a bonus for me - the game gets updated and changes allowing me to come back after a time and enjoy it all over again. I will never understand the anger at the dev cycle taking so long - I will be disappointed when the game goes gold as there will be no more major changes to gameplay to look forward to.
  11. It does not seem more valuable. As soon as I get a purifier I switch back to murky for that exact reason, the stack size of boiled water is simply unreasonable as boiled water has very little value.
  12. Not really. Now your equipment is only going to get incrementally better but it is STILL incrementally better and that improves your ability to fight, kill and build. Saving that box for later just gimps you now in favor of getting better stuff later - when you are getting that better stuff everywhere anyway. It may be true that saving those crates for later would be a good idea if the total number of good crates was quite limited but really they are not. Loot is everywhere.
  13. New graphics and equipment is awesome. I actually like the new food system particularly with the new recipes, candy and effects. New loot system is a good step forward as well as it really does make anything not a top tier item useful again. Never before used the blunderbuss - not once. Now it had a use and I have a ton of them. Don't really like finding stone tools in containers as it is rather jarring - they do not belong - but from a game play stance this is a very good thing IMHO. New Junk turret needs a bit of work, it really is not very useful as it does not seem to acquire a target and fire before it goes out of range. Vultures actually attacking tiles is a huge plus - cant just ignore their existence anymore. I like the new starting spawn and trader locations, takes a little of the random aspect away from getting a decent start. New assets in poi's are also very nice. Normalizing progression across all weapons and tools is also a really good idea IMHO. Very disappointed in the perk changes - I was hoping TFP would see the light and abandon the current attribute categorization for something that actually allows me to customize my character and playstyle rather than boxing me into a class system that is neither original, freeing or fun. Not happy with reducing wooden storage box space. Storage space needs to be normalized across all containers to allow us to actually use them rather than making one storage the only thing worth having. At least the replacement is not difficult to produce. Starting stamina usage is really bad as well. I spent far to much time bored and standing around waiting for my stamina to replenish in the early game. Mid game and a few perks in sex rex and this peters out but leaves a really bad impression at the outset like playing a mobile game with timers. The worst time to have that kind of impression.
  14. Really? I am finding the melee hit detection MASSIVELY worse. Head on works fine but the instant I am at an angle I end up hitting walls, floors and virtually anything but what my aim is actually on. It is not a problem with where I am aiming either - as I said head on works every single time like it should.
  15. It is not. It's tied to stamina use only. I don't think you read that correctly (or I am misreading what he meant). Looks to me like he is asking if food found in loot is connected to game stage, not that hunger decay rate decreases with it and, afaik, food 'drop' is absolutely effected by game stage. It is also worth noting that hunger is not directly tied to GS BUT it is indirectly tied to it. Using transportation still uses less food even with the new calorie burn rates increased in a vehicle and perks like sex rex reduce stamina usage which reduces overall hunger rate.
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