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  1. Unfortunately. I think they really screwed the pooch by joining combat styles with other base game parts but as you say the system is essentially complete so it's not going to change dramatically. Stuck with strength every damn time because I am going to be doing a lot of mining
  2. That extra slot is a rather huge thing too. I know I do not even have an ax late game. Chainsaw for when I want to gather a bunch of wood - sledge for anything else. Still keep the pick though - it is just really slow to sledge a safe open and I do not take lock pick perks.
  3. You can also simply walk back at default speed. Every single attack will miss even though they fly faster than walking speed... That should really be fixed. Complaining that vultures are a problem on day 1 is disingenuous, they really are not an issue unless you want vehicles to make you invulnerable. I do not think that most players want that and I certainly know that I do not. Trust me, I have ridden a bicycle everywhere. Ah, memories
  4. Sledge all the way. When turning up horde night to 32+ the AOE knockdown is damn near a necessity
  5. The game should absolutely be more 'hardcore' but then again I would not consider myself to be an average player and, ergo, not the target the devs are reaching for. Nothing in the op has anything to do with hardcore play at all though so.....
  6. This. The quality is rather meaningless at this point because the range is so damn large. It is just a quick indicator of the number of mod slots a tool has. I absolutely agree they need to narrow it. I would also like to see a slightly larger gap between the tiers as well.
  7. Aside from the fact it is insanely selfish of me and hurts the poor dev team, I don't want the game to ever leave alpha. Alpha means active development. Alpha means frequent large changes and new systems to explore. Alpha means that the old stale game in a19 will again be something that might be worth playing another 100 hours in a20. Alpha means the game is still alive and getting better. Alpha means that if I hate the changes, the previous alpha I liked better is still available for me to revert back to at any time so the game cannot possibly, under any circumstances, get worse. The worst it can do is stay the same. IOW, this game is fantastic in its current alpha form. This is not true for all alpha games IMHO - many are not worth the @%$*#! pain of imbalance, bugs and incomplete systems to bother with. This is NOT one of those examples though. Should 7 Days release tomorrow it will be one of the best games in my steam library and worth every penny of a AAA title price tag (even though it does not have one). Release day will be a sad day IMHO, it will mean the end of changes bringing me back over and over again even after the game gets rather stale.
  8. Holy crap, how did I miss that. That would help a lot, guess I need to add another thing to my bag of survival crap. I wish we would get a larger hotbar, the number of things you need access to has been increasing since a16. I used to love the fact that the wrench was both a hammer and used to break down objects - now I need 2 things to do the same job. Many other things are going this way too.
  9. For me I think it was done to flush out the perk system more and make each tree more unique in its approach. If you do not delve into strength then mining becomes tedious and pointless. If you do then it is a massive source of mats. The only problem I have is that strength and int seem to me to be far more valuable than the other trees. This change makes str that much more valuable.
  10. I have never had a real problem with vultures. I cannot fathom what all of you are doing that brings them to you in such hordes....
  11. Ha, not an option. I play dead is dead. Broken glass is a rather extreme fix in that situation 😛 I know the splint and cast heal it much faster but the timer is still just silly in how long it is. Nothing else is even in the same ballpark. It is orders of magnitude worse to break a leg particularly when it effects game play so massively. Broken arm is a little better as avoiding ranged attacks is much more doable IMHO without getting bored. Walking OTOH, god it is SLOW. If you cannot tell I am not all that patient with games, lol ROFLAMO.
  12. The only problem I would have here is that broken legs and arms have heal times that are waaaaaay to long. Don't mind the punishment, do mind that I feel like logging because the time it takes to heal just seems excessive. I cant be alone in this? @roland: Do you know if the devs have plans for those 2 timers?
  13. Vehicles were brought up. Sorry I expounded on it 🙄 Everyone is a critic.
  14. Nope, opposable thumbs certainly not a requirement Those hunters are certainly more laid back than I would have been tough....
  15. ^ the problem is people get used to the easy mode stamina that was in previous alphas and then proper balancing makes it feel like a punishment. I don't think anyone starting out fresh and never having played previous versions would be aggravated by the new pacing stamina brings. Unfortunately, there really is no way around this during alpha.
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