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  1. Good luck. I have been looking for a 3070 for 6 months. I gave up and started looking for a prebuild because the bottleneck and..... gave up that route as well because they are price gouging the @%$# out of everyone now. I really need a new system, this one is 7 years old. This build has been extremely frustrating.
  2. I fell out of my @%$#ing chair. LOL
  3. The op states there are over a 100 new POI's coming. That is awesome but somewhat unclear. I do not know how many we have now but I would think that means you are doubling what we have valuable now or am I underestimating the number of poi that are currently in the game? Anyone know how many there are now? Are some of those T5 type POI's too? If every other POI is a new one for me to explore, that is going to fundamentally change my game experience, almost like playing the first time!
  4. No, no. You have that backwards. The key to flying is throwing yourself at the ground... and missing.
  5. Because my concrete needs are astronomical. But then again, I just NEED that 10 height block to still be concrete. What if something happens? A cop might spit there for no reason at all...
  6. Done. Will see if that is how they wanted it.
  7. The game is already finished minus normalizing some of the graphics. That it is still in development just means that the game will get even better whilst I pay exactly nothing for the increased value. If the devs are willing to make the game better then I am more than willing to reap the rewards I can only hope the game never releases. If the game was a hot mess then sure. Its not. Sadly, I see dev teams do the opposite of TFP, rush a game and then leave alpha to full release with a game that is nether complete or stable enough to justify a 1.0 release. I will have exactly 0 hesitation to purchase a TFP product in the future because this has been the best alpha I have been a part of and that generates trust in the level of product I will get. Rushing is bad. Hell, time tables are bad for the end user of a game. It is much better that they develop the game for as long as they are willing until they are satisfied with what has been created. It is not as though they have neglected steadily adding content. They add tons every update.
  8. Do not forget about reach. Here, a tiny portion of people will see the information they put out, almost all of them already own the game. FB and Twitter allow the team to distribute information to exponentially more people than you can here, many more of them that have not already purchased the game as well. Basically, FB is a wonderful advertising platform for them as well. The forums seem like the official place to focus on for the user - we are mostly interested in information that is consolidated in a single place for ease of access and use. The devs have to be much more interested in getting information out there to attract attention.
  9. Trader Jen told me the same thing. I see this so often I begin to wonder if I should give it a try πŸ˜› The brainwashing is working.
  10. Quick question: In another thread we were talking about the effectiveness of HP and AP ammo and it was pointed out that HP no longer does any damage whatsoever to armored targets and this was a fix applied to the latest patch. That makes the text confusing. To me, and I think most people, +100% armor means armor protection is doubled, not that the zed is invulnerable to that ammo type. I see comments on fixing AP rounds in the change notes but nothing on the HP rounds. Is this behavior intended or should I be putting this in the bug report section?
  11. This is a burning question. Much research must be undertaken. Nope, but they do seem to like limbs. Arms, legs, anything that can be removed with much screaming to follow.
  12. Every 4 blocks I add a frame pillar - just a few wooden frames. If I am making a massive mine I will dig the base of that pillar down to bedrock or to the point of rock if I am sticking with the ore vein. Either way, as long as you place a pillar every so often the mine will not collapse. I do not think I have had mine do more than a few blocks in several runs. edit: you can also simply not dig a single column and leave the stone there to support the celling. This is less effective when you are going through a vein though as that will be resource you are not mining.
  13. Motherlode, Miner, Sex rex and sledge. Sometimes 2 in mother, sex rex and miner. Those extra resources and the ability to cut through walls faster is a must for me. Surprised so many take chef - I find those perks totally worthless. Ill find a few recipes and B&E does not actually add that much. My last playthrough I have almost entirely neglected food, starving is almost irrelevant. I would estimate I spend about halo my time starving because the debuff is not a big deal early game. When the zeds start hitting hard enough I have plenty of food. Now thirst, THAT debuff is terrible, Good thing water is free
  14. 🀨 Nope, don't believe you πŸ˜› So much for boats. Maybe a deep hole in the ground πŸ˜›
  15. Did some testing myself with feral soldiers being shot in the head. HP ammo does, indeed, do 0 damage. Pistol, AK, M60, marksman and sniper rifles all did nothing with hp ammo. However, the magnum for some reason does do a little with HP. I have to assume the natural penetration on magnums are figured in here. The wording is misleading, I thought it doubled the effectiveness of zed armor, not negated hp damage entirely. Skill points were not relevant, tried lv 1 with 0 points in anything and maxed skills. Books are also irrelevant except for pistols - after completing the set, powder burns allows pistols to damage armor in close range. The damage is pitiful though. All in all, this really makes hp ammo rather useless... AP rounds seem to save around 2 in general so a little improvement. As far as mats go, lead is plentiful. I never mine for lead, I have more than I will ever use just getting it through mining for other ore or looting. Tips are, essentially, free. I dedicate a minimum of 1 forge to each base mat so time is not even a factor for them tbh. Mats become so prevalent eventually though that none of them matter all that much.
  16. Straight vanilla. Never seen it do that before but I have a suspicion that the game has troubles with early gamestages. I have run across to much loot that is better than it should be on day one and far to many dire wolves/zombie bears. edit: worth nothing that it was obviously a t1 POI too.
  17. ^ ha, ha those are a pita. Just had a new one today - started a fresh character, day one. Got to the trader pretty fast so I figured I would do a day one clear quest, why not. Final room spawned 2 feral troopers and a feral weight. Against my t1 stone sledge, t1 stone spear and 5 stone arrows. WTH happened to the gamestage?
  18. Well, that DOES make you go quite a bit faster. We need to go over direction next... Oh god. Suppressed memories returning.
  19. Holy crap. Totally did not see the date lol. My bad, sorry πŸ˜› Must not have been totally sober that night.....
  20. Well, I was in the service so I have pretty in depth knowledge of what you would find in an army camp. It is just funny what specific details pull some people out of immersion. We all have some odd tick. For him, it is a specific model of firearm found at the army camps. Never mind that none of the vehicles, tents, cots, layout, walls and on and on that also do not match what would be found at a military camp. I mean, the largest ones have concrete walls. Are these 12th century army camps? Army castles? And no, K-walls are not comparable to what the military camps have in game. The model of the guns are rather low on the list of things that strike me as odd when I go through the abstract that the game calls an army camp.
  21. Not in general zombie lore. Sure that may be how it functions as far as we know but zombies also do not exist. Infection is certainly more plausible than necromantic magic if we are going to insist on detailsπŸ˜›
  22. THE GRISTLE GUN!!! I remember that
  23. It is rather funny when something like the model of the weapon annoys a player because of immersion. I never even noticed what weapon was being used, to me they were auto, pistol, sniper and shotgun, nothing more. What they are labeled as or modeled after does not really matter.
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