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Compo Injector Alpha 17.1 Custom


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The original modlet for A17.1 works fine for me in A17.2 stable and I like it because you can choose to take the modlet out if you want a plain vanilla world then add the modlet back for the variations and it's very convenient.


Are any changes done between the two versions for A17.1 and A17.2 ? or is it the same but not in modlet form.

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I see there are 739 Prefabs in your pack here. When I look at my server with COMPOPACK installed, I only count 701. There are around 250 Prefabs in the COMPOPACK. This is curious to me as I don't see you mention that you modified any of the vanilla Prefabs? Also your OP says "Contains all of my own Prefabs" but when I look in the pack I see plenty of Prefabs created by people other than you?


I like your idea here and want to check it out and run it through my RWG Analyzer. But wanted to clarify the situation with the prefabs first. Ideally, I don't want to have to overwrite any files.






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