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Think I Broke My Blood Moon Trigger


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So I've been having a great time since setting up this base at Aldo's Cabinets in Nav. Inspired by Jawoodle's extensive testing vids it works a treat, had it up by day 7 and got through day 28 with only some minor cop puke damage.



Anyhow I got to Day 35 all set up for the fun and as it hit 10pm I realised my stupid drawbridge hatches had auto closed and the zeds had a direct path across, it wasn't as simple as just running forward to close them as I place barbed wire. So I used the console to set the time back and did a killall so I could fix it up. Long story short it's broken the blood moon trigger so nothing happens at 10pm. Tried setting it back to late day 34 but the day number hasn't gone red for 35 so I'm guessing I won't have guests tonight.


Is there a way to fix this/reinstate the triggers in the game? I know it's my own silly fault for cheating but I really wanted to test my base instead of hopping on the bike and running.

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