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Anyone else here miss the fancy fridge or is it just me?


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Anyone else remember the nice fancy Fridge top and Fridge bottom? I really liked those, I always enjoyed making fancy kitchens in my base and buying bar stools from the traders. Now the fridge top and bottom are gone, no more. Why did they get rid of those? They were expensive enough to make and they added a nice level of detail I liked to see in the richer houses. Are they planning to bring them back at all?

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I find they removed a lot of nice looking content.


The big problem I have, is we as a player can perk up and craft wonderful contraptions. Traps, electricity, vehicles, a gyrocopter!


But if I paint yellow, it's chipped, scratched and bad. If I paint blue, it's blue faded 10 year worn down blue. I'm not even sure how I manage to mix paint like that.


I try to make a working desk. I use some nice tree logs from a tree I just chopped down, apply all my skill, and it looks like it's been in an abandoned run down building for 15 years.


We really need to get some proper items back to build with, proper textures to paint with. It's a huge step back from where in A16 we could make our house look nice. Now it looks like crap. Which means decorating beyond basic stuff is not really worthwhile, it doesn't even look good.


/V :)

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