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  1. A guide to edit this ourselves would useful to tide some of us over.
  2. I got it, what happened was stupid too. So in the game files I had to manually change it so that EAC was disabled. I had to reinstall windows the other day due to a brief power outage while my computer was on running a couple of scans (lobng story short, windows 10 found a way to corrupt itself in the process). I keep all my games installed on a different hard drive than the OS so that if my drive ever fails, or something that Microsoft borks, I don't have to reinstall all my crap. All in all, windows has once again proven to me why I wish they kept windows 7 around. So
  3. yes it's disabled, I run my dedicated server with EAC disabled as well.
  4. So for some reason, and this is sicne the latest update, using this doesn't work for me anymore. The game just outright loads to a black screen and not even to the main menu. Side note Im running A19B178
  5. Hey swiftpaw, I really love the concept of this mod. Tameable animals to have as pets would be awesome, the follow command could easily be brought back via your mod only. I don't know much about the type of coding for this game, but when Im working with my mod for Don't Starve Together, there are things inside called 'widgets' and each widget tells a command what to do. I know tedious, but it may be the answer you're looking for.
  6. I'll say it again since my post may have been overlooked. My dedicated server cannot be joined. Even I am having trouble viewing it in the server list now. My sis can't see it, nobody can at this point.
  7. Got my sis trying to connect to my server, I changed the serverdisablednetworkprotocols line as stated in a previous post, but it's still not showing up for her (had to argue with my server to get the config file to stop defaulting also. SOMEHOW it went back to the default and restarted the whole map I began last night)
  8. I've found it rains and storms, and snows at random, in forest biomes. Kinda like Michigan.
  9. Plenty of rain and snow here when I am playing.
  10. Got that, now I'm trying to edit the config file... it keeps reverting back to the default.
  11. that file wasn't created when I got the server up and running. uuuugh
  12. TY! also the admin thing still having trouble
  13. So in trying to get my dedicated server up, Im having issues where it's a hit or miss if people can even join my server (or see it period). Some help with this would be appreciated, it's not my firewall, I've port forwarded, I've disabled my firewall in an attempt to fix, but no luck. Also I had to tone down how many zombies can spawn in at a time because for some reason, you kill 1 zombies, 5 more would spawn in the same room. Im on a windows 7 machine for now until I am finished building my server tower (waiting on parts to arrives basically) I also can't seem to make MYSELF an admin t
  14. All I can say is this game better not die the same way that Day Z did.
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