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Zombies Attacking support Structures


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You won't find anything specific to what you are asking, only a broad approach can be taken to mitigate zombies attacking blocks.


<property name="AITask-1" value="BreakBlock"/>

<property name="AITask-2" value="DestroyArea"/>


How the entities choose what to attack is hard-coded (not xml edit-able). Likely related to AI pathing.

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Are you trying to get zombies to attack support structures or are you trying to keep them from pulling the rug out from under your base? If it is the latter I would suggest making some new blocks that are specifically for support and giving them a whole lot of durability. You could also take a look at RoyalDeluxes indestructible blocks mod if you really want them zombie proof. https://7daystodie.com/forums/showthread.php?103985-Vanilla-modlet-collection

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