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Radial Biomes (16384 RWG)


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Note:This modlet is a work-in-progress




The past few days I've been busy making an xpath modlet to change the biome generator to generate the biomes in a radial pattern where the main rules are that the center excists of snow/forest/burnt forest and the outer layers of burnt forest, desert and wasteland.



Example image below is a 16384 map of seed "Gozeva mountains" (67d27f69osiesol7wbk)




At this point the modlet is available for 4096, 8192 and 16384-size RWG. Each size has two versions, one "Standard" with additional RWGchanges (listed below) and one "lite" with just the biome generator changes:

RadialBiomes16384 - v0.2 - 16k maps - Standard version.

RadialBiomes16384lite - v0.2 - 16k maps Lite-version.


RadialBiomes8192 - v0.2 - 8k maps - Standard version.

RadialBiomes8192lite - v0.2 - 8k maps Lite-version.


RadialBiomes4096 - v0.2 - 4k maps - Standard version.

RadialBiomes4096lite - v0.2 - 4k maps Lite-version.



Some of the additional xml-edits include:

- restored the detailFillerGroup which normally doesn't work due to a typo in the main rwgmixer.xml

- Increased amount of skyscrapers, traders

- Decreased amount of graveyards

- Also more wilderness traders

- Slightly raised water level

- Two new hubtypes for citygen (Honestly not sure how well they work)


The xml files should be commented somewhat for if someone wants to re-use seperate pieces.


Please let me know your thoughts on the modlets! and I'm curious for any seeds you guys cook up with it!



Additional examples:

4096 mapsize

"Zaguje Territory" (4k)



"Pacoke County" (4k2) - note: while the preview doesnt show it, POI's are there as-normal.



8192 mapsize

"North Kiwiwa Mountains" (8k)








- Testing, Testing, Testing!SdegUW2



Word of warning: It usually takes me about 34-40 minutes to fully generate a 16384 world where total RAM usage of 7d ends up between 28-30gb at the end of the process; if you only have 16 gb of ram make sure you have sufficient swap space and patience!

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It's just so much easier to paint the biomes IMO.


I'm not really one to choose a manual method where I can opt for a noise library to do stuff for me instead :p

Atleast, personally I mostly enjoy the challenge of achieving a RWG (or in this case specifically Biome Generator) that adheres to certain rules, yet leaves enough room for randomness.



With decent knowledge, this kind of thing is easy enough to try. I'm sure he has one. :)


GJ. I love how 1st burnt forest border comes, and how snow is generated.


I like to think I have decent knowledge on LibNoise, it's not the first time I'm using it (though also am by no means an expert, I always use it on quite a pure trial-and-error basis :) ).


Past night I've been testing heavily on the map I'd posted a screenshot for and get the feeling there's a decent increase in both road and building density.


Personally I use DUST2DEATH's HDHQ overhaul along with all the biome Redux packs, that brought me to a situation where however the burnt forest has quite a bit more trees then I'd like.

I've tried working with the biomes.xml in order to change up it's main biome to contain less trees and re-add them to one of the subbiomes, the latter sadly appears to not-work (If I'd set the main biome decorations at a prob of 0.0001 and in the subbiome to 0.1 there'd still be no trees to be seen pretty much anywhere) unless I'm misunderstanding it. Once that's tackled I'd expect to move towards restoring the 4k and 8k mapsize outputs.



The block that seems to not work is as-follows:

<append xpath="/worldgeneration/biomes/biome[@name='burnt_forest']/subbiome[@prob='0.02']/decorations">
       <decoration type="block" blockname="HDHQ_Burnt1Prefab" prob ="0.01" rotatemax="3"/>
       <decoration type="block" blockname="HDHQ_Burnt2Prefab" prob ="0.01" rotatemax="3"/>
       <decoration type="block" blockname="HDHQ_Burnt3Prefab" prob ="0.01" rotatemax="3"/>
       <decoration type="block" blockname="HDHQ_Burnt4Prefab" prob ="0.01" rotatemax="3"/>
       <decoration type="block" blockname="HDHQ_Burnt5Prefab" prob ="0.01" rotatemax="3"/>
       <decoration type="block" blockname="HDHQ_Burnt6Prefab" prob ="0.01" rotatemax="3"/>

Honestly have no Idea why It's not working, it appears otherwise that subbiomes work fine other then not taking in appends to their decorationlist... yet also am uncertain how to move further in testing that properly.

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No prob, you do you. :)


Hazarding a guess on the biome changes, load order issues? Any load failures?


I'm using the same mods and noticed the same thing with the uniform trees, but I'm actually a fan of it so haven't tested otherwise.


Yeah it's mainly the burnt forest part that's a bit too-much for me, alternatively I can just lower the general density there and leave it be for now :) in all other biomes I really enjoy the increased density overall.


Maybe for testing purposes I will manually edit the biomes just to have some XXXXXL burnt forest biomes, might be that the resulting subbiomes are so small the difference could be hard to see; didn't try exclusion by that route yet, anyways :) thanks for thinking along!

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Just tested it the other evening, ended up with a weird map... 3/4 of it was a circle, the last 1/4 (quadrant) of map was a garbled mess. Very possible that was because I think I have a custom RWGmixer.xml already. Either that, or the seed really matters (I used a different seed than you).


Will try the default RWGmixer with your changes today.


also, any chance of an 8k version?

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I'm currently working on fixing both the 4k and 8k versions, am currently fiddling with the curves, clamps and scale/bias in an effort to get useful results on the other sizes (simply adjusting scale of most layers isn't enough to get it usable).


I almost have things fixed on 4k, but have found an issue with my cellrules on this mapsize, I'm currently changing those so it won't conflict for this mapsize, 8k may require more mapgens to check wether the problem occurs there, too.


Edit; I've now uploaded seperate modlets for 4096 and 8192 worldsizes as sadly RNG looks at vanillaMedium setting for all 3 sizes, if/when that gets fixed I'll be able to gather all 3 in a single modlet.


I'll update the firstpost with new links.

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