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  1. That's true, but my definition of "useful" by definition, is something that you use. Once you have 10+ guns, all you are going to use is the high quality one. Unless you have a big team you play with perhaps. You won't use the parts right away in A16 but virtually all of them did get used eventually once you found the other parts. Whereas excess guns don't get used ever, except for scrapping or selling. Since you can no longer combine to make better firearms. If that feature made a comeback, then the excess firearms would have a use again. Or if they had other uses, like crafting turrets wi
  2. A16 literally already solved this problem but then people complained about the way it was done in that version too lol In fact A17 has a lot bigger pile of worthless usable lower level guns than A16 ever did.
  3. Uh, quite the opposite actually. In A17 now everything is virtually handed to you on a silver platter except for one or two things like beakers. You can now craft virtually anything (Which will change in the upcoming updates...Thankfully). There is no longer reliance on RNG which indeed made it more survival like in the past. There are so many things that could have been cool like for example finding a broken down car in the wild and having an ability to fix it and then use it. this makes far more sense than "Making" one. Of course cars are very common to see in the game, so to balance this
  4. If you can enable cheats in your game, go into god mode and you can "force" blocks to place even in occupied locations (they will "displace" whatever is already there). You can not build in a line/area/volume in an actual game unfortunately (Dev's - any chance you can add this feature? Possibly even for non-cheaters?) Currently that only works in the prefab editor. The "non-cheater" version would expend blocks in your inventory. It would be a great quality of life improvement for making large scale bases in an actual game.
  5. Extending this line of thought, I would like a mod that allows you to customize what gives exp or even a slider on it for various sources Mining - 200% exp, 100% exp, 50% exp, 0% exp (none) Zombies - same deal (200, 100, 500, 0%) Building - ^^ Looting - ^^ Selling to Trader - ^^ this would let us customize our game even more. I personally don't want a zero exp game, but would love the ability to turn (some) to zero, or adjust them. I may even do this mod myself if I can figure it out.
  6. Fortresscraft is an example of a game with infinite (well, almost infinite) playable game area.
  7. now if only they add colonies + hirable NPCs... then that would make the shorter (daily) / random blood moons more feasible for people other than the most masochist types... plus keep things interesting towards end game
  8. Nope haven't played the A16 version of the mod. I'm already happy with it as is, so if it'll get even better, then yay
  9. Dude the helicoptor is AMAZING. I have to be honest I thought it would be lazy and just be a remodeled gyrocoptor but I was pleasantly surprised. THANK you for VTOL capatibilities (VTOL = vertical take off and landing for those not in the aerospace industry) and sooo much better handling than the gyrocoptor. The other vehicles are fun too but this one is by far the gem of this collection. Looking forward to the boat because that's a core capability not in vanilla.
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