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Blood and of mining ?


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I have two short questions that have been on my mind for a while.


1. Here I would like to know if it is still possible to find Coal Veins, Nitrate, Lead, Iron, Ext when mining? "Because I've been mining for more than two hours and I haven't found any"


2. My second question and how do we make them with blood because I have the expertise but impossible how to make the blood bags for me to make the medical kits?


2.1 To this day it is no longer possible to make charcoal with wood? because the logic makes it possible to do so on a basic level as before



Thank you for your reply

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I don't know the answer to #2. Oddly I haven't tried making them.

2.1 When was it possible? I think you have been playing with a mod that had a charcoal recipe.


For #1) Try digging down to around elevation level 15. Pick a direction, N W S E, and stick with it. You should run into a vein rather quickly. If you are trying to find a vein at bedrock, you only have the chance to see the end of a vein. Elevation 30 would be about the same odds. At level 15, you have the chance at finding the ends of the higher veins and ends of the lower veins, plus the middle of most veins.

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