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Way to warp to the end of a quest?


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So I accepted and Tier 5 Fetch and Clear quest at the 6 floor apartment building in Perishton.


After what seemed like forever, I was down to the last area(orange dot). Of course it was somewhere near the garage and I was all the way on the highest point of the roof. I was finishing up looting before heading back down when my game bugged out and I couldn't switch between any tools or weapons. like, I could scroll and it would highlight something else on my bar but wouldn't swap to it. And I couldn't modify any tools or anything. So I quit out and loaded back up and bam, the quest was back to "Activate the rally point".


There is no way in hell I'm going back through that building anytime soon as I nearly died several times and used almost all my ammo.


I figure it's just a total loss but I know you can use commands to start a quest, so I was wondering if there was a way to jump the end of one? Like where it's telling you to return to the trader. I just want my rewards. Haha.

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The bug was kinda like the stuck hotbar bug, except it was everything in my inventory and I couldn't interact with anything in any way. So I couldn't even try scrapping something to fix it as I normally do.


All I knew to try was reload my game, but of course, doing that seems to be treated the same as dying and you lose the quest progress.


I thought about just using commands to give me the 3500 XP and calling it a day, but I might just replace the ammo and stuff and run through it again.

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