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Modidea about Q6 Crafting. Anyone a idea how ?

Royal Deluxe

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I think Q6 items should be harder to craft.

I would like a bar, lets name it "Focus" that loads over time. So that you can craft once per (ingame) week a Q6 (or max Quality you are able to) item. (amount of Q5 or Own ability -1 should not be gated)


But i have no idea if this is doable with a XML/Xpath modlet.

Anyone a idea ? (how to or a comparable system)

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The problem is that i dont want to deny the players spamcrafting, of Q5 items.


Only the best quality a player can craft i want to gate.

Hmm a buff that reduce the Quality level a player can craft by one for a week after the player crafted one high Quality item.

Still no idea how to trigger that. And i dont want to force the player hat he need to craft on a special date/time

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