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  1. Might want to stop using the royal "we" when speaking, then.
  2. So you know the game doesn't force you to play with traders at all and you've gone back and played without them many times, again and again. First time for everything I guess. Time to find out how to mute someone on this forum.
  3. Good Lord. Here's how to fix it: play survivalist, dead is dead, no trader. No. Trader. Your complaint is "once you've got some skill the game's easy and boring if you play it on easy and boring settings, and it forces you to play on easy and boring settings because that's easiest". If the wall gets bloody and ugly after you run headlong into it enough times, I'm not sure the right response is to demand the wall be made self cleaning. Can I suggest opening the door, it's right there, and walking through? Stop playing on easy settings. The game gets more interesting.
  4. There's a lot there. Agreed, but—and I saw your objection to the "just don't use it" response, I'm disagreeing with that here—I don't really see a problem with TFP trying to keep the looter-shooter-errand-boy players happy, anybody wants a beatemup, we gotcher beatemup right here!, so long as they also keep no-trader personal-competence-and-thinking-required play within reach, you know, the survival and crafting part. I absolutely love games where "run for your life!" starts out among your best options. Games that carefully ensure every offered fight is winnable are difficult for me to talk about politely. So yeah. Full-on ewwww to the game you thought you were getting. I mean, sure, for easy mode, whatever. Rush the tech tree and regard everything before everybody has all the toys as tutorial. That couldn't possibly be more boring in a game this good. Cooperating teams of specialists *rock*, and you want to make that a niche little sideshow. I want to make that the only way to thrive on a hard-mode server, and it should be (barely) possible to survive if you're smart about your perk choices solo. What? Dig a shaft 35m straight down and put your workshop down there, if you can't do that by day 3 you're doing something very wrong. A one-block shaft is perfectly navigable once you figure out how to wriggle free if you get stuck, you only need ladders every other block. I think activity should be *more* dangerous, to the point where if it's just you mining and at all exposed you'd damned well better have set traps at the higher difficulties, and if you make big bangy noise in an un-cleared town, oh, baby, you're going to die. Not sure it was the gun parts that did it, but I hear you. Way I see it, as the difficulty cranks up you should be forced to rely more and more on personal skill and perception and strategy, less and less on tech-tree progression and looting. Sort-of agreed there except the demo zombies are a stroke of genius. In my dream version of this game playing on harder settings should make it feel increasingly like Devil Daggers, it's not a question of whether, only when, and personal skill is by far the most important factor. I think they're still iterating on the pathing, not sure it's possible to build the game they really want to build using any current game engine so it's always going to be the best compromise they can find. World War Z style gore piles would be terrifying. I'd *love* to see that mechanic boosted in 7dtd. As it is it's just a hint, it seems almost unintentional.
  5. I don't get it. A Q6 stone axe modded to the gills is basically magic, putting it up against a Q3 iron pickaxe is basically putting Sting up against some random Orc captain's sword: in skilled hands, it's not going to be a contest, and the Orc's gonna lose.
  6. Am I the *only* player still pining for the brutal desperation that was A17.0?
  7. Things I miss from the old forums: backlinks to a quoted-post, and "first unread" in the topic I'm reading. I know you can get there from topic indexes, I'm saying the nav-within-topic features are missing. And I don't see how to go back to the post someone quoted at all, I can hide the quoted bit, there's a link to the poster's profile page, but if there's a link to the actual quoted post my pixel-fu is too weak.
  8. Only thing I'm sure could be better is it needs higher-contrast text still, a darker background for the dark theme might do it. Get somebody with old eyes in there, low-contrast text is great for advertising copy and other novelty/attention-seeking contexts but it sucks for older eyes. Haven't found how to lose the avatar pics, when thread-reading, they suck up so much space you can't see more than three posts in a conversation. ffs I could see more on a 1960's 3270 with a 24×80 text screen. If you really can't turn them off I'd say that's going to be my vote for worst feature ever. Everything else looks like it's there just a matter of getting used to the new setup. I like the expando toggles, could wish for checkbox selections for selective "mark read" ops and such but I know that's soaring pretty high up there in first-world-problems territory.
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