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  1. Fully on board for the pathfinding, digging zombies, but them being able to pathfind through a maze they've never seen / can't see requires some fairly heavy-lift suspension. I could wish the pathfinding map was built from visible blocks. Have you considered adding a decaying death penalty to pathfinding costs? I think it'd be pretty damn terrifying to see the zeds learn to avoid your killzones.
  2. So far I've always found the 20%-boost shoes and night-vision goggles fairly early, the shoes apply and encumbrance doesn't when you're on a bicycle so I loot towns by dumping into chests, then when it's getting dark I load up all the best stuff and bicycle home. The goggles are optional but they do make it easier.
  3. It's like nobody's ever heard of crowd control. Pipe bombs are a one-PP spend and take no brass, no springs, basically just gunpowder. If you can four-hit when mining it's less than two swings per bomb and they make such nice gifts. This is without any motherlode perks at all, so 50/node, four hits is >12 each and you need nitrate and coal so two hits gets you pipe bomb mats with a little left over for the pipe iron. I like molotovs better, the no-repairs-while-burning takes management but the zeds make nice torch substitutes when the cops have blown out all the lights. I'm'a do a perc build next to get more out of those sweet stuns.
  4. Haha no, it's how long the poor sods in whatever POI you find it in lasted.
  5. That clock should read a few minutes *after* ten.
  6. I just kite the things when I need meat that bad, even the Q1 primitive bow can eventually take them down.
  7. For scouting and looting it's the all-purpose tool, you can build with it, it's one slot. The four slots I basically never change are stone axe on 1, wood, rocks, fiber in the backpack.
  8. Came up with exactly this rule playing Minecraft w/ my kid, only my memory aid is "take the right way out".
  9. Reinforce a POI and kill them all is plan A. Cobblestone walls, a half-perked melee weapon and a hidey-hole perch in case you lose focus at a bad time is all you need to clear the first horde night. I remember horde night being a death sentence until I figured out how to construct a decent defense. I watched a military perimeter-defense training video. The first month, you don't even need spikes. "total new-persons" who quit rather than step up their game are, wait for it, quitters. Their choice, but not every game must be made easy enough for them.
  10. In my experience it's a crapshoot but it pays often enough that I'll gladly try it. I go 30-35m straight down from my converted POI because that's far enough to never trigger screamers, drop my forge, expand that to a full workshop over time. This run I've got lead and iron maybe 40m along the north tunnel from there, nitrate closer on the west tunnel, nothing but rock to the east before I gave up, 50m or so, and tried west, and I haven't tried the south yet because I don't need enough of anything else to gamble on easy-access mining for those yet. Shale I spend one or two days a month getting, I love molotovs on horde nights, industrial-quantity coal's for later. Once you've got a little armor and a half-perked weapon you can cover the marked-lode mine entrances with plates and a hatch, string any overly-inquisitive zeds out on the entry ladder/stairs, night mining away from home isn't much more dangerous than crossing a street, just pay attention, carry some first aid, stay wary
  11. I haven't yet found a marked vein that petered out quickly. Once I figured it out, I went back to a couple mines I thought were duds. Nope. Sometimes they get very thin for a bit, it might be less obvious in sand, but look closely, do a little judicious shovel work and maybe some exploratory stone picking, the veins do continue. If you're not getting thousands out, I'm thinking you overlooked the main lode.
  12. I dunno, looking at their midrange ryzen stock offering, it's $1700, you get a 3700X build with . . . a 1650 Super? And an AIO? That's just ridiculously unbalanced, I think they should be embarrassed to offer that. Drop a 3700X in to the pcpartpicker "excellent AMD gaming/streaming build", drop that build's RTX 2070 Super into the digital storm build to get hardware parity, that's $1325 DIY, $2136 if they do it for you. I'm not paying anybody $800 to build a rig for me.
  13. Bob's Boars has two, one upstairs, one down. Fun POI too. But I don't rermember ever finding them working. I tend to just perk into chem stations, the bulk production is just too tempting.
  14. I thought it'd fade over time, but no. It's part of playing for me now. I time it now so digging is followed by a road trip.
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